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Losing weight quickly but healthy?

My wedding is in 188 days...we just got engaged very recently. Tips on ways to lose quite a bit of weight and stay healthy though? And please more specified then eat healthy and excercise:) thanks!

Re: Losing weight quickly but healthy?

  • Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!! :):) That is so exciting!! 

    How much weight are you trying to lose? A healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs a week. Do you like any types of workouts? Do you have time to commit to a workout 3-6 days a week? 

    Your diet is 80% of your results though. The other 20% is between your genetics and your workouts. Does that make sense?

    I'm at my goal weight after eating healthy and working out for 20 weeks about 3 years ago. I've kept it off by focusing on 80% healthy foods and allowing for 20% of a wiggle room in my I never felt deprived.

    I focus on having protein, veggies or a fruit and a helathy fat (like nuts, olive oil, or avocado) at every meal.

    For my workouts I do 2-3 days of strength training and 2-3 days of high intensity interval training. I sometimes workout an hour, but there are a lot of great workouts that are about 25-30 minutes long and don't require equipment.

    Having a group that supported me was key too -- whether it's here or facebook. I'm a good private group onFB where I share my progress with other girls and it helps me stay focused. :) I can add you if you want if it would help, but there are a bunch of threads here too :)

    I also have listed out my meals from the this past year on my blog. They are pretty easy to fix and nothing too weird -- i'm too lazy and picky to do anything too extreme lol are my meal plans :)

    Does that help?

  • I went vegetarian a few years ago and lost about 10 lbs. in 6 mos. I hadn't even started working out and lost that.  Then I started insanity and got more toned.  Last, every meal I ate realized I was overeating (for years) and started putting half of what I'd normally eat on my plate.  I lost an additional 5 lbs. that way.

    A lot of fitness books and articles say diet is more important than exercise for losing weight.  My results proved that but it was the insanity program that actually made me feel better and I think look better.
    -anjo (aka the future mrs miley :)

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  • Food log. 

    Join My Fitness Pal and start logging what you eat. It'll be a great wake up call. 
  • Hi, congrats the date is fast approaching, you must be so excited!!

    Over the summer I went to a wedding expo and was introduced to a Shed-to-Wed challenge.  It was a 24 day challenge that cleansed my system. Throughout the challenge I ate real food.  It came with on the spot coaching and provided me with what types of food to eat and avoid as well as recipes.  I ended up losing 11lbs in those 24 days and began seeing definition in my stomach area.

    Best yet, since I got 4-5 people in our bridal party to do the challenge with me, I got mine for free!  Here is the email address to reach out with more information [email protected]

  • The fastest way is watching your calorie intake and work out as much as you can.
  • I feel ya!! My wedding is in 130 days and I am trying to get serious. I have noticed that if I see results quicker I tend to stick with it (versus something like WW- I gave up too quick b/c I just wasn't seeing results)!

    I have had luck with both South Beach (very strict the first two weeks) and also the Advocare cleanse. I'm restarting the cleanse on Friday (I did one about 6 months ago with good results) if you'd like to join me! :)
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    Don't do fad diets.  They're stupid and you'll gain back everything you lost the second you stop. That's because they focus more on cutting calories than anything else- and cutting too many calories will make you fat in the end.  When you're not eating enough, your body starts to cannibalize, and burns off your muscle tissue.  So yes, you'll lose weight, but that's muscle you're losing, and muscle tissue is what burns off your fat.  So the second you quit starving yourself, you have nothing to burn off the fat you ingest, so you go right back to where you were.
    So the first rule is ALWAYS make sure you eat enough.  And don't eat those 100 calorie pack things, those are all garbage, they're flour and sugar and just nothing in them is good for you.  A packet of oatmeal will do your body a hell of a lot more good (And be a lot more satisfying.)  Eat lots of vegetables, lean meats (You want a lot of protein in your diet) and you need carbs too, but try to eat good carbs such as oats and whole grains instead of flour. Make sure you eat enough so that your body doesn't feel the need to burn off your muscle tissue.  
    The next part is that you HAVE to exercise.  Any diet that claims you don't need to work out is not healthy.  Cardio is helpful, but don't make it your entire work out.  Lift weights.  Build muscle.  I promise you won't turn into a beefcake, I know a lot of women think that if they lift anything heavier than a half pound they'll turn into the hulk, but since it's harder for women to build muscle than it is for guys, only women who are career bodybuilders and work at it for a very long time actually get that bulky.  As I said earlier, muscle is what burns fat.  Build more muscle, burn more fat.  Focus on your legs, they're the largest muscle group in your body.  
    Try to work out your entire body.  Find some exercises you like that work out your legs, some that work out your core, and some that work out your arms, because contrary to popular belief, you cannot target a specific area and only lose weight there.  When you lose a pound, you lose a pound from all over your body, not just from one spot.  
  • I agree with PPs.  But a lot depends on where you are starting from.  I lost 70 pounds a few years ago (prior to my divorce), and I started at about 210 pounds and lost the first 20 without exercising (I had a broken foot and was on crutches at the time), so that first amount was just from fixing my eating to much healthier. After I could put weight on my foot I started running again.  
    Every weight loss journey and body is different, so the key is to stick to something long enough to see results.
  • I just started WW and I am so happy!  I make really bad food decisions and WW holds me accountable for what I am putting into my mouth.  I am only in my second week, but I would totally recommend it!
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  • Everytime I have needed to lose weight I've done the South Beach diet. It may technically fall into the fad diet section, but at the end of the day it really helps retrain you on eating healthy. I lost 40 pounds about a year and a half ago I went from 220 to 180. 20 pounds did slowly find their way back, but I realized it was because I got lazy and started eating fast food 4-5 nights a week. FI and I recently went back on the diet and he's been amendment about looking for easy low carb dinners that we would want to eat even when we reach our goal to avoid putting it back on later. 
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