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Resort Suggestions?

I've been keeping my eye on the Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana.  My travel agent is also suggesting the Palace Resorts in Riviera Maya/Cancun and the El Dorado resorts. 

Any other suggestions?  Has anyone looked at any resorts in Florida?

Re: Resort Suggestions?

  • I'm also debating between resorts! I've got a list of 5 in Punta Cana and 5 in Riviera Maya! I think I'm just going to give my list to the travel agent/planner and see what she thinks the best option is since she's the expert!
  • Ugh!  It's so hard!  Haha!  Has anyone looked at the Palace Resorts?  I'm wondering if the complimentary wedding package is worth it.
  • There are soooo many options!! I didn't find any real all inclusives in the US so I didn't research much further. 
  • We had our wedding at Beach Palace, but we ended up doing a full package, not the complimentary one.  But depending on what you want, it could be a really good option, and then you can just add whatever you want.  Good luck!
  • I'm also between about 5 in Punta Cana and 3 in Riviera Maya...let's all keep each other updated on how everything goes :)
  • We're getting married in Riviera Maya in May at the Excellence. This place is amazing! We've been there for a short vacation before as well as several friends. It's all inclusive and the coordinator down there is amazing to work with. Good luck!
  • I looked at the El Dorado in the Riveira Maya but ended up choosing the Valentin Imperial Maya instead.  I read a lot of reviews that the beaches at the El Dorado weren't that great because they have a lot of sand bags on the beach and in the water to help preserve the beach.  Since I'm more of a beach person than pool person this basically cut the El Dorado out of the running for options.  I did however read that the food was top notch at the El Dorado.  I think it all depends what is important to you.  I found the reviews on trip advisor to be really helpful when choosing my resort(obviously some things are taken with a grain of salt).

    Good Luck!

  • We're getting married at the Moon Palace in September. Their complimentary package is great as you can still personalize it with with extras at the reception. Also, their benefits are great if you are having guests come to the wedding. 
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  • @stephp13 Thank you that is great information about El Dorado!! 
  • First I looked at places in the Riviera Maya (Secrets has some nice resorts). But unfortunately they didn't allow anyone under 18 on their property and we have a 13 year old guest. So that didn't work. I did find a place in the DR that we really like. It's the Barcelo Punta Cana, they have an adults resort and then a family friendly resort right next to it. Which would be perfect. Problem are the flights. We live in Austin, and getting to the DR is a pain in the neck. How did you all find your travel agents?
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