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Indian/American Fusion Menu Help

Hi helpful brides! I am very new to wedding planning and realized I have quite a conundrum on my hands. My fiance and I are having a fusion Indian/American wedding, which has so far been not too much of a problem, until we got to planning our menu. Fortunately, our venue is being extremely flexible with caterers, providing their own culinary team as well as working with our Indian caterer to develop a super-custom menu. However, that opens up a lot of choices for us -- too many choices!

For appetizers, I think I have a solid grasp on what we want to serve: 50/50 Indian and American bites. (mini-samosas, gobi manchurian, chicken drummettes, paneer tikka, shrimp cocktail with a twist)

But for the entree choices, I am so lost on what to do. We'd like to do a formal seated dinner, but I like the idea of doing side dishes and fresh naan served family style at each table. Has anyone experienced any headaches with this?

Please help me with some entree choices! Google has not been helpful. Thanks so much!!

Re: Indian/American Fusion Menu Help

  • We had some Indian food, but mostly non-Indian.  I couldn't find a venue I could afford that would allow me to use outside caterers.  The caterer who came with the venue did their best to accommodate us.  

    We chose to go with stations because when you are having two totally different cuisines, I think it works best.  That being said, I have been to one Indian wedding that didn't have stations or a buffet.  They had a plated meal.  You could choose your main course off of a menu.  There was a chicken option, salmon option, and an Indian vegetarian option.  

    Like the idea of having sides passed family style, but anything distinctive might taste bad with the American food.  I prefer to have sides that match the main course- not have one side dish for several different main dishes.

    Having experienced several Indian/American fusion weddings, the buffets/stations worked the best.  The non-Indian guests could see the food, without getting freaked out.  You can have sides specifically to match each cuisine on the accompanying tables.  The plated dinner I experienced just didn't work- I'm not sure why completely, but it was odd.  It just looked like it was mismatched and patched together.  The food was also super cold… which didn't help…

    What type of entrees are you looking for?  Indian?  American?  Vegetarian? 
  • I think I like PP's idea of stations better than passed around the table. If people don't see what they like, they move on to the next station. This avoids putting them possibly on the spot to take something they'd not want. I think it's more visually appealing too. This is making me hungry for Butter Chicken and Aloo Gobi right now! :)
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