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I'm having an outdoor, VERY rustic (as in, no running water) wedding reception in Mohican Valley. Has anyone had experience with bathroom trailer vendors? All information is helpful. Thank you!

Re: Bathroom trailer rental

  • I haven't done trailers, but I have seen some really nice ones availabe, but they are really expensive. My sister had to do a port a potty for the reception for her daughter which was held in my sister's backyard (sister has a septic tank and it wouldn't have been able to handle the number of people). She got a handicap unit which was very nice because there was more room in it to move around. It also came with a sink in it (you had to push a pump with your foot to get the water to run). It worked out very nicely. Not sure if she put it in or the rental company but there was a battery operated push light so that when it got dark you had light in there.

  • Yea I've gotten a few quotes from people and they are expensive, but not outrageous. I was hoping someone would have some positive or negative reviews if they've used specific companies before. The tough lights is a great point though, that'll definitely be added to the list!
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