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Evening Ladies,

FI and I are considering a venue in Chicago for our wedding. I am trying to figure out hotel and shuttle since every guest would be OOT (as would we). I have only been into Chicago a few times so I am not familiar with the area. Does anybody know about shuttle services from the O'Hare airport that would take guests closer to Avondale or Near North Side (looking at google map). Or, hotels that are recommended off of I-90/I-94?

I am trying to compile a list so that we can figure out if this venue would be in the running or not and some information would help before FI and I decide if we want to fly out and check out the area/venue. I will ask the venue too if they have any hotel/shuttle recommendations.

Any information would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    What venue? I used Windy City Limo for my shuttle services.
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  • We are looking at The Ivy Room

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    Gah, the ivy room is so pretty. But I would look at Hotesl in River North, River East, Gold Coast or Streeterville. There are so many hotels. We used the Sofitel and Marriott.

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  • A good resource to find hotels is I used it to get a good amount of rates  at one time from various hotels downtown based on our needs. That way you don't have to call and they come to you.

    They do the ENTIRE Chicagoland area so be very specific on the area in which  you are looking and what your needs are.

    It's really handy because you tell them what kind of rooms you are looking for, what rate you want to pay, what terms you want to book under (meaning, you can tell them you will or will not be responsible for a certain percentage of rooms you put aside for guests) and I am sure if you mention transportation hotels with transportation can work that in the contract depending.

    Be VERY specific in the notes as to what you are looking for. You can choose 2-5 stars hotels to respond. Usually the big ones downtown and around O'Hare do.

    Again, just let them know transportation is key and go from there. You will get bids from hotels who do not have transportation, you just need to weed those out.

    And if you don't like their offers, you can just call around based on what you learned.

    Good luck.
  • @KatWAG - Thanks, we will look at those :-)

    @KayDeee - Thanks, that is another good idea too! I suppose I wasn't even thinking of using an online data base like that!

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