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I lost my gift list. What do I do?

When we opened our wedding gifts, I very carefully kept track of who gave us what on a list, but we moved right after Christmas (6 days after the wedding) and said list seems to have somehow gotten lost in transition.

I remember some of it, but not everything. However, I do know WHO gave us the gifts we've lost, I just can't remember for sure WHAT they gave us. For example, we got three Target gift cards, a Visa card, and a BBB card, and I know who gave those five cards, but I can't remember who goes with which.

What is the proper way to proceed here? Send an email asking for clarification? Generic "thank you for the generous gift card; we used it to buy . . . (they'll probably all go towards new bed linens)? Something else I'm not thinking of? 

Re: I lost my gift list. What do I do?

  • Is it only the GCs you don't know the exact gifter? If so, I would still thank then for the GC without specifying the store and say something you intend to purchase with them, i.e. linens since those can be purchased at target, bbb or wherever with the Visa card.
    If you don't know with other gifts, start by contacting the store since most keep track of the purchaser in their records.

  • I think a heartfelt but "generic" answer would be finefor the GC ones.  I have no idea how you will be able to that with physical gifts though, since those a specific item from a specific person...you can try contacting the store (if you had a registry) and see if they can give you that information once you explain what happened.  If not I'm sure what else you could do...
  • Do you have a final guest list?  maybe you can use that and try to remember who gave what to start a new gift list...
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