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Hey Ladies!! So along with stressing about all the small things I still need to decide on, I am trying to decide what to do for my bridesmaid dresses. I want something that is not going to break the bank, but still look great on them!! Where did you guys look?? Websites, salons, department stores??? I went to the salon where I got my dress since they get a 10% discount, but their prices were way too much in my opinion.....I also thought about the option of renting. I know there is Rent the Runway and I found another site too called Little Borrowed Dress.

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  • It didn't work for what I wanted but Target offers bridesmaid dresses online and they're a lot cheaper than buying through a designer/salon. I think they're around $70 a piece? Lots of colors and options, just not quite what I was looking for - I want tea length so yea its a pain. 
  • David's Bridal is having a big sale right now and a lot of bridesmaid dresses are reduced a lot
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    What everyone else said and don't limit yourself to dresses that are labeled as bridesmaids dresses. Do a search for the type of dress you have in mind and see what comes up.
  • Yes!  What @kristen625 said.  Whether it's bridal lingerie or bridesmaids dresses, the price instantly goes up once it's for a wedding.  You can find a really cute dress at any of your favorite stores and use that as long as it looks good on everyone- it's guaranteed to be more affordable when it's just an "evening" or "cocktail" dress.
  • Thanks guys so much for your thoughts!! :-)
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