Booked our Honeymoon!

I can't post on Facebook because it sort of feels like bragging but I'm so excited!!!! We just booked our honeymoon for July!!!!
We are doing 10 days in Montana. Renting a lake house, a rental car, and spending the time kayaking, canoeing, hiking, swimming, fishing and exploring the Glacier National park.

We considered doing the usual Caribbean honeymoon but it's super hot in July and the money just didn't go as far. We decided to stay in the US and get more bang for our buck. Also, by renting a lake house, we can cook most of our own meals which will keep costs down and be healthier. (I love cruises but eating so much is not good for me!!)

I know you girls will be excited for me! Feel free to share your honeymoon plans or where you went if you're already married.

Re: Booked our Honeymoon!

  • I think we're going to do a long weekend in Martha's Vineyard (we live in southeastern CT) so it's nice and close and pretty ok price wise. We're excited about the potential for this vacation. We still have to work our budget out. I've always wanted to go to Montana or Wyoming, so pretty and soooo jealous.
  • A lake house in Montana sounds just perfect! It will be so relaxing and private for the two of you.


    Booking the honeymoon is next on our list. We are planning on going to Japan for a week and then to Maui and Kauia for close to 2 weeks.

  • Sounds so nice!

    We are doing 2 nights in tahiti, 4 in moorea, and 5 in bora bora!  Overwater bungalows every night :-)

    i hear you about not posting on facebook haha
  • Montana is gorgeous! Have fun! We're going to Negril for our HM, so excited!!!!

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  • Sounds AMAZING!!!
  • At first we considered going to Florida for Disney but our budget wasn't as big and we decided we wanted to do something more relaxing so we're heading up to a beautiful inn in Vermont for 9 days. Our room has a fireplace and jacuzzi! We'll be driving up there the day after our wedding! So excited :)
  • They all sound wonderful!
  • I love all these ideas!  May I ask who you went through to book the lake house?  I want to go to Disney, Hawaii, Tahiti I can't make up my mind and keep shopping and asking around.
  • That sounds great! We are planning on doing several days at Cedar Point in Ohio (we LOVE roller coasters, and they have some of the best in the world) and doing a few days in Cleveland for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a few other places. Not a "normal" honeymoon, but definitely right up our alley!

  • We looked on homeaway, VRBO (vacation rentals by owner), and clear stay vacation rentals.  basically just google the name of the city, the words "vacation rental" and do some clicking!  We looked a TON before we found the right cabin so don't get discouraged.  Definitely book the lodging before you book the airfare (in case you have to tweak the arrival and departure dates).
    Good luck!

    And yes, all of your honeymoons sound wonderful!  It will be so great to spend time just the two of you!  That's what I'm looking forward to most!
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