Inexpensive ceremony locations

Looking for an inexpensive ceremony site. Places I've seen so far want pretty much $1000! Is that the average price? A church that marry non memets would be nice as well

Re: Inexpensive ceremony locations

  • Unfortunately, the beautiful barn in Hamilton that my wedding was located no longer does weddings.

    However, my sister got married at Pattinson Park near Milford. It was beautiful and inexpensive.

    What area of town are you looking for? Inside or outside?

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  • Thanks for the recommendation! Since I'm getting married in October, the weather is soooo unpredictable I think it's best to go with an indoor ceremony.
  • I don't know what time of day you want to do it, or if you were already planning on having the food elsewhere, but when my fiancé and I were looking into doing a Saturday Brunch at the Phoenix they were going to give us ceremony room for free and banquet room for $125.

    Also, look into Cincinnati Parks.  Some of theirs are pricey but a few are not too bad.

    OH and contact 3CDC about using the gazebo at Washington Park.  I think they quoted me about $200 or 250??

  • OH and I meant to say that we were considering October too and that would only be doable outdoors like no later than the first week.  :/ It stinks because everything that is very affordable is outside. 

  • Thank you for your recommendations. I will definately be looking into those. Right now I am torn between two venues, molloy's on the green, in greenhills. Also a taste of elegance, in Beechmont. I really like molloy's, it's just a tad bit above budget. I like everything is all inclusive at a taste of elegance, I could have my ceremony and reception in the same location. They decorate. And they are easier to work with as far as pricing goes.
  • I'm getting married at Kumler Chapel at Miami University. It is an old stone church and it is BEAUTIFUL! It's $650 to rent. That does NOT include an officiant. They also have another chapel on campus that it beautiful too and I think it's cheaper. I'm pretty sure they do receptions at Miami as well, but I had already booked my reception location. It's kind of far out there, but I fell in love with it so it works for me!
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