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NYC wedding venue - help!

HI guys,

Im planning my wedding for next Feb in NYC from England. Im trying to find a venue for 30 people with plated 3 course meal without spending a fortune! Probably about $150pp but can adjust that for the right place. Ideally like the ceremony and reception at the same place but again this doesnt have to be the case

Im flying over next month so i can have a look at different ideas

Any help would be much appreciated!

Re: NYC wedding venue - help!

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    Within NYC, I've attended weddings at The Foundry (in Queens), the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (Bklyn), Marina del Ray (Bronx) and the Central Park Boathouse (Manhattan).  All were beautiful, and they all have the space to accommodate a ceremony and reception in a lovely setting.  The only things are a) The Foundry and Brooklyn Botanical Gardens you have to hire an outside caterer, you're paying for the space and nothing else; and b) I believe all are pretty expensive (my sister was married at Marina del Ray and I know that was $160/person for a Friday night, I didn't know the other couples well enough to ask what it cost exactly). 

    Just outside of NYC is Long Island, with lots of nice catering halls that have the facilities to accommodate a ceremony and reception (some with lovely hotels on premises for OOT guests).  You can have a terrific wedding at one of these places for under $150/person.  If you're interested in LI I can give you the names of the halls that I think are the prettiest and have the tastiest food. 

    Good luck and happy planning!


    ETA: You didn't mention in your post that you wanted an outdoor wedding, but because you posted this on the "Outdoor Wedding" board, I have to warn you that it can be very cold in NYC in February.  I mean, sometimes it's in the 40s F, but other times it's like 10 degrees.  It's hard to predict what it will be like on your wedding day, but it's safe to assume that it will be cold for an outdoor wedding.

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    As this board attracts international posters who may not be familiar with NYC, you really should check the local board for New York City.


    Good luck!


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