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Recommendation for VEGAN-friendly venue in Atlanta?

My fiance and I have been looking for a venue for the last 2+ months.  We both follow a vegan diet and want the wedding to be mostly if not all vegan.  Our preferred venue would be more of an all-inclusive type place, preferably with accommodations nearby or a hotel.  I contacted dozens of hotels in the Atlanta area and I get back a stock answer "we will accommodate".  However, I do not want to be "accommodated" at my wedding.  I want GOOD vegan food, where I can eat most, if not all, of the items served.  I don' t have a particular caterer in mind, but I would like recommendations for anyone who has worked with a "regular" venue or in-house caterer that served really good vegan food (or a mostly-vegan menu).  I don't have time to visit dozens of hotels and I doubt they would make tasting menus unless I had already signed a contract, which I'm not really willing to do until I'm sure the food will be good.  

I've looked into DIY venues where I can bring my own caterer, but I just don't want to be setting up tables and chairs before my wedding and taking them down after.  I feel very discouraged with this whole process :(

Re: Recommendation for VEGAN-friendly venue in Atlanta?

  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    I'd look in to finding your caterer first and then finding out which venues they work with and go from there. It sounds a whole lot easier than going from venue to venue and getting disappointed with the response every time. Also, some caterers can provide a full service option (table and chair set up and break down) if you go with a venue where you can bring in whatever caterer you want.

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