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Humble Pie...

My FI's in town this weekend and so we've been marathon-ing through wedding stuff. We met and signed a contract for our DJ, met with our pastor/officiant about the ceremony, picked up his ring and ordered mine, and picked out the wedding attire for all the men. Whew!!!

The humble pie comes in when it comes to the guy's attire. I have always SWORN up and down that they would NOT wear tuxes because I hate them, they're old fashioned and silly, they're....etc. etc.

Well...we went into Men's Warehouse and guess what...the guys are wearing tuxes. FI and I both really loved the Vera Wang Slim Fit grey tux, with matching grey vest and gold/champagne striped tie. He got to try on the sample jacket and it looked awesome on him!!! I NEVER thought I'd have a wedding with tuxedos, but I was wrong! But super happy I'm wrong! :)

Is there anything in y'all's weddings that you've done a 180 on?

Re: Humble Pie...

  • That is really awesome you ended up having a really open mind about it in the end.  Not all women would give that "vision" up.  So kudos to you!

    Mine is the veil.  I said over and over how I didn't want one, and I just wanted flowers in my hair.  Then my mom stuck one on me while dress shopping and it almost made me cry and rethink things.  I didn't buy one then, but when my FMIL and I went to pick up my dress once it was in, we looked again...and I found one I love and she was so gracious enough to purchase it for me.  Yeah, didn't see that one coming! lol
  • For me it was actually our flowers. I always, always pictured having real flowers. But then I got to pricing between real and artificial, thinking about keeping them forever.... and ended up with beautiful silk bouquets I found on Etsy... that fit our color scheme perfectly.

    Never would I have thought that be the case :)
  • It's so funny how that happens sometimes. For us, it was videography. I said all along we didn't need it & my FI agreed (but I didn't know he was only going with whatever I wanted). Then an acquaintance of his posted his wedding trailer on fb, FI showed me, and now we have a videographer lol. It helped tho, that was she under $500 which you NEVER find here.


  • @sarahsmiles326 I wanted a videographer and FI was adamantly against it because the cost around here is ridiculous ($2500 and up; $3000+ for anything remotely decent). He convinced me to forgo one when he pointed out that I'd have to find somewhere for them to sit at dinner, and I am NOT redoing that seating chart (we also don't have any empty spots at tables haha)

    I did a 180 on my dress idea, as most people did. I thought I wanted streamlined and a little fitted, and I ended up with a big ol' ballgown haha.

    I also swore I'd never say, "it's my day and I get what I want" because I hate brides who do that... And then we were deciding on menu options today, and I sat there and said, "well, I don't feel like eating beef that day and I don't want to have risotto and not have a real protein, so I'm choosing duck over chicken for the third entree, and if no one else wants that, they can just eat beef because I'm eating what I want." Whoops haha. To be fair, the menu has been a headache and a half for us, so I was having a bit of a frustrated moment.

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    I'm loving all of these! I think it's too funny that many times we have such "final" ideas about what "is meant to be" at our weddings but they end up being changed! It makes me happy to hear that it's not just me that's had things turn out differently! But, in the end everything's gonna be awesome! :)
  • My "180" experience is deciding I wanted my bridesmaids to wear pink. I guess I had this vision of pepto bismol pink dresses with big poofy sleeves. But then I saw a photo of a bridal party wearing blush pink, knee-length, strapless dresses and fell in LOVE with the look!
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  • It is so comforting to know that you've all had 180s!  

    Right after New Years, I had some sort of cosmic shift and I decided that I wanted to have my wedding at my church.  I decided from the beginning that I didn't want or need it there, because I am Russian Orthodox and an Orthodox wedding ceremony wouldn't have traditional things I thought I needed (vows, kiss, applause).  But the more I thought about what I was going to have, I realized all the things I would miss - and how they're more important to me than I had originally thought.

    I'm fortunate that I'm part of a relatively small parish community and our date and time worked for the church.  My mom is over the moon that I changed my mind and it really makes me happy to have made her (and a lot of my church friends) happy too. I'm so lucky that FI is so supportive.  We met with the priest this afternoon and he really put us at ease about the entire "last minute" change.
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    Originally my wedding was planned for September, casual, on the beach, about 800 miles from home.

    My wedding is now in May, black tie, in a ballroom, in my hometown.

    Yeah that was a huge 180. LOL
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    @tammym1001 I don't know if it was a 180 for me...maybe a 90 degree turn...but I originally pictured having 100 people MAX at my wedding, and that's so not happening. 

    I don't like big crowds and after seeing the 350+ person wedding my cousin had freaked me the HELL out! 

    However, after just getting the numbers of relatives we want to invite and know will come, FI's and my guest list jumped to easily over 100. Then we added in the family members we have to invite but won't come (to be polite...) and that jumped it more...then we added friends and we're up around 200 people. Thankfully our venue can accommodate over 400 people, and our budget is really pretty flexible. 

    We're inviting about 200-ish people and are planning on having about 150-ish attend (many of the "have to invite" family all live in a town across the country from us and never travel more than 50 joke).

    I guess the idea of having a larger wedding (and allowing FI's and my friends to be there) was something that took getting used to...and it still freaks me out some! It did make it better we decided "no kids" as that would have boosted it up into the 300+-cousins-wedding area.
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