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So just a important is it to wear fancy bridal underwear vs my broken in and comfy undies for the wedding????I'm already forgoing a bra( have bra cups in my dress)and it's not like I want to spend 50 dollars and a piece of lace to cover my lady bits..Whats oyu take

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  • I was actually thinking about this the other day.. we're going straight from the wedding to our hotel room. I love the look of cute bridal lingerie but its so overpriced! and I don't wanna spend the day with a possible wedgie. I can't even imagine trying to fix that with my wedding dress on! This is a bigger deal for me as my fiance and I are definitely an old fashioned couple and our wedding night will be a pretty big deal for us. So I may just splurge and then change into the nicer stuff before we take off? I wonder if I can get a bridesmaid to help me with that!
  • Lace undies are aweful!they creep up your butt so bad!I might go to victorias secret and find something there.
  • @dluberts There are some super comfy lace undies out there! I like the ones with a brazilian cut and a little ruching at the back... yes, they go up your butt a little, but they stay in place!

    You could also opt for something with a nice lace trim, or a pretty mesh.

  • My fiance insists that I wear a garter belt and thigh highs... I literally laughed in his face when he said that! No way am I wearing thigh highs under my dress all day!
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  • thigh high boots????thats insane!I wouldnt either.Forget that.
  • @dluberts thigh high pantyhose, not boots LOL. Either way, no way in hell that is happening. 
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  • Thigh high pantyhose remind me of strippers and porn stars!I wouldnt wear them either!


  • Mine told me to suprise him. So I might buy the gag kind from the adult store, the elephant style wuth the trunk( the ones for the guys) and stuff the nice undies in the trunk. Just so when he goes under to get my garter belt, he's really suprised and then I can laugh.LMao, omg that would be too funny
  • There's nothing wrong with thigh highs! A lot of women wear them instead of full on stockings/hose :)

    I haven't even thought about wearing special undies. Whatever I do wear, they likely will be cotton in case I get hot
  • I'll be wearing nude cotton underwear. I know I'm boring, but I'm old and I'm not going to have underwear up my butt for even one second just to try to be cute.
    Exactly this!!!
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    I think I'll wear some pretty lacy underwear. TMI probs but I almost exclusively wear thongs so I'm not worried about wedgies. I'll probs pack some cute cheekies for the honeymoon (where I won't have to worry about them riding up all day!) along with other lingerie. Btw, thank goodness for spell-check because I *mangled* spelling lingerie the first time...

    Also, my garter is going right above my knee...FI is NOT going to be rooting up my skirt for the damn thing. 
  • Yeah I may hit up VS to see if they have anything cute that I can wear.  They do have the super cute seamless undies that are comfy.  So I may go with a little of both, comfort and style.  But no thongs or ruffles, I don't care for either.  I'm a hipster type of underwear gal.  :)
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    I'll be wearing nude cotton underwear. I know I'm boring, but I'm old and I'm not going to have underwear up my butt for even one second just to try to be cute.
    Exactly this!!!
    I'm in this boat as well.  I'm going for comfort over cuteness.  I'll save the sexy stuff for the honeymoon :)
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  • You gals keep adding to my list of "i haven't even thought of that"! list. Haha. There are some cute cotton ones out there, I think that's what I will go with. Not sure about what i'll do for a bra yet. 
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    hey just so you ladies know, there are some good lingerie sales on zulily right now, thanks to valentines day coming up! some of the stuff is super cute if you wanna check it out!

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  • i think it's also a good idea to look outside of "bridal" for lingerie - I'm not looking to do anything that's more fancy than it is comfortable, but I am pretty sure that once the word "bridal" is included, the price immediately goes up.  you can find plenty of cute white or ivory lingerie at VS or zulily without it having to be bridal stuff.  we're not trying to break the bank on the simple things, right?
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