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Song request on RSVP?

Hi, We are having a destination wedding and our reception will not be too formal. I've read an idea of putting a line for the requested song on rsvps. That way I'll know what my guests want to hear and they'll get excited when their requested song comes on. What do you think of this idea? Would you find it weird if you got a wedding invite with a song request?
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Re: Song request on RSVP?

  • I've heard of this but have never seen it done.

    I think it'd be cute, but you may end up with some weird requests or people don't fill it in.
  • I'm doing it!  It was something I saw in my invite designer's portfolio, and it was super cute.  She said a lot of guests will request their own wedding songs, or songs they just want to hear, but I don't necessarily feel that I HAVE to play everything people ask for.  We'll pick and choose, and give that list to our DJ.
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  • Weird! I was just getting on here to ask the same thing! Anyone have wording suggestions for this? Mandafly?
  • I did this =)

    I worded it as "this song will get me moving on the dance floor: _____"
  • I have heard of that before but we had already put a song request section on our website and our RSVP cards were already printed out.  I think its a good idea because it will definitely help you when putting together your song list since several will already be picked out!
  • If you want to do it go ahead there is nothing wrong with it. I personally don't like the idea because you may get songs that you hate and don't want played. You may also get too many songs and someone may be offended if their request gets cut.
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  • I didn't do it, but I don't think it is a bad idea.  We have a song request section available on our wedding website instead!
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  • We wrote:

    "We're taking requests!
    Please tell us if there's a song you'd like to dance to!
  • I saw this in a bridal magazine I was looking through the other day. I like the idea and will probably do it as well. In the article it suggested asking for 3 favorite songs of the guest. I thought asking for 3 choices was a good idea because out of the 3 you could pick the one you like the most.
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  • Since you're having a DW, I'm assuming your guest list is relatively small? I think it'd be fine. I don't mind the idea. I just know for us, with a guest list of 185, it wouldn't be realistic or possible, and like a PP said, I would hate to have to not play a bunch of song requests. Or I guess you could word it like "Please give us some song suggestions" and then have them list a few. Then they may not take it personally if their song isn't played.

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  • How can I add song request on the websit through theknot?
  • I love the idea and trying to figure out how I want to word it.


  • We're doing it - our wording is:

    We're taking requests!  
    Let us know if there is a song you'd like to hear:

    We're having pasta stations, so it was nice to help fill the space of the RSVP card with a song request instead of an entree selection.
  • We did this for DD's wedding.   "I will dance at your wedding if you play this song_______! "  We didnt get as many requests as we hoped for .
  • I was thinking of doing this, as well. I want to do a catchy phrase, but all I could come up with thus far is: "Please request a song, so together we can dance all night long!"
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    pallsup said:
    I offer a customizable RSVP card with song request on Etsy. Any of the wording, colors, font can be changes to suit your wedding. I only charge $7 for the design and then you can have it printed at the printer of your choice or can print from home. Hope this helps those who are interested!
  • Does anyone know how to add the song request through theknot wedding site?
  • @jrjuergens2 - i'm hoping to find this out too!
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    I like this idea and we'd been planning to include it on our RSVP card. Although we wouldn't have treated the songs as "must play" but more a guide for our DJ to get a feel for our crowd. 

    But since our wedding website has a tab for this we're leaving it off the RSVP.  Works out nicely since we need the space on the RSVP for activities. 

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    Does anyone know how to add the song request through theknot wedding site?
    I'm looking at that right now, and I think I might just change the Guest Book link to "Song Request" or something like that. Assuming you don't care about a guest book with people telling you how adorable your website is and how excited they are about coming. 

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