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Hello! Can anyone recommend a company ( not too pricey) for wedding guest transportation ( like a shuttle service) in the Fairfield County area of CT.

I have gotten numerous quotes but they are extremely high and we are on a budget! Or id anyone can tell me if they have ever used a local school bus company and what your experience was like.

Thank you! :)


Re: Wedding Guests Transportation

  • A friend used the school bus company first student and had no complaints- it did the job! She has recommended me to do it for my wedding, and she said she had no issues, the contract was sent quick and the price was very reasonable.
  • I'm having a wedding on the other side of CT but I've gotten quotes from coaches and school bus companies. School bus was by far cheaper. 700 something for the whole day pretty much while a coach would be 1000, 1200+
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    Hello! We are using Dattco which is based in Central CT but I believe serves the entire state. I liked them because they have an "Activity Bus" which is basically a school bus but has much nicer seating and looks better on the outside. I have nothing against school buses, but I felt the price was pretty fair and it ended up being in our budget.

    I will say they are much better to work with via e-mail, as they seem to only have one phone operator. So I'd inquire online.

    Here's the website:

    And I'm not sure why my comment posted four times - sorry!
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  • I remember attending a wedding as a guest at Salt Water Vineyard and the couple had Dattco Buses running on a schedule to bring guest to and from the wedding.
  • we are using dattco and their prices are the best.  i probably got quotes from at least 8 different companies.  we are also using an activity bus, as school buses can be pretty gross.  there was not a big price difference...maybe $100.  reviews for first student are troubling, too.
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