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NYC Wedding - booking space & caterers seperately?

Hi, Ive been told it can be cheaper to book a blank cavas and arrange caterers ect in NYC. I have 30 guests and my most important thing is to have the NYC view. Does anyone have any experience of doing it this way round? Thanks

Re: NYC Wedding - booking space & caterers seperately?

  • I don't think this is true.  If you have a blank canvas all the rental costs etc add up.  Also, a caterer may not be willing to come in for only 30 guests, they may have a higher minimum.  You are better off going with an established hotel or restaurant that has a private room you can rent and catering on site.  You should look at the NoMad hotel and Hotel Giraffe; they have rooms for this size group and on-site catering.  Also search for restaurants in NYC that have private dining options.
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