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Vendor Appearance

My hubby and I look traditional, but in truth we are anything but. So when my female DJ showed up for our wedding dressed beautifully for our wedding complete with dark curls that ended in blue, I didn't think anything of it except "that seriously compliments my centerpieces!" Now we are planning my sister's destination wedding and while we aren't taking the DJ to the islands with us, my sweet, but very conservative aunt pulled me aside today and said "I hope you aren't using that freaky lady for your music. Did you see that her hair was blue!" Now really, it was probably just a couple inches and it looked amazing, but this got me thinking. I found out that one of my friend's photographer buddies in LA has full violet hair (no tattoos or piercings and always dresses in the best fashion). She does weddings and my DJ was so professional that even my nana was charmed with her, but would this ever be an issue to anyone to hire someone with either tattoos or different colored hair? My youngest sister (not the one getting married) told me that she would ask that they cover their hair during the wedding. I kind of think that is crazy unless it is really obviously trying to make a grand statement. Thoughts?

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