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Does anyone have pics or contact info for Lakeview Banquet Hall in Rossford?  I've never heard of this one before but, it's in a good location for us and any info would be great!  Is it expensive?  Thanks!

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    I just had my reception there October 10. It was $500 for the hall, for 6 hours. You have to use Premier catering, which seemed to range from $13 per person and up.  I'd say $15-per person including china is pretty safe to budget for. You can bring in your own liquor, and your own pop, which saved us quite a bit.  We worked with Tammy at Premier -  419 873 3463. I have pictures, but haven't put them up here. If you want, I could email you some? The hall has a wall of windows overlooking a pond. It was gorgeous at night. Everyone watched the sunset before we got there. I thought it was a great choice in our budget range. And, it is super close to hotels. No one I knew had heard of this hall, but I knew the moment I walked in.  Good Luck and let me know if you want to see pics or any other info.
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    It's a very nice hall. I had some problems getting prices from the person I talk to (which I forget who I talked to). And the only other problem I had was that I think the most it will fit is 200 and my party is just slightly above 200, so we went somewhere a bit bigger just to be safe.I want to say she even said 200 wasn't suggested, but would fit. Other than that, it's a very pretty hall and I'm told the food is amazing!
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    Sharpone Any pics you could email me would be great and VERY appreciated!  [email protected] Thanks so much!
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    Im having my reception there next June....do you think you could send me some pictures of your reception there, so I could see it all decorated? Thanks [email protected]
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    My wedding is on October 15, 2010 and I was wondering if LakeView had any good spots to take pictures?  My fiance does not want to see me before I walk down the aisle so we will have to take pictures after we say our vows.
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    Maybe out by the "lake" (pond) that is behind the building? If the trees are looking good, it could be very pretty. Theres also a park less than five minutes away. I think its on the corner of Boundary and 795. Its just a small park but you could get in there easily and get some pics outside pretty quickly. Inside, the hall is kind of a modern building, there aren't any super photo ops, but you could find a spot near the windows maybe?
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    If you could send me some pictures I would greatly appreciate it. 

  • can you email us some [email protected]
  • just went ans seen hall today and to be honest i dont even wana bother looking anywhere else. Michelle, f(rom premiere) we met with was very imformative as well!!!  
  • I would really appreciate any photos that anyone has shared with you. My email is [email protected]
    Thanks, and congrats,
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    [QUOTE]Does anyone have pics or contact info for Lakeview Banquet Hall in Rossford?  I've never heard of this one before but, it's in a good location for us and any info would be great!  Is it expensive?  Thanks!
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    Can you send me some pictures of the reception I am trying very hard to find a place my wedding is in may of 13. My email is [email protected]
  • If anyone has pictures that they could send me, my finace and I would really appreciate it!  We plan on getting married 10-26-13 in Perrysburg and this venue is just down the road from our ceremony venue.  My email is [email protected]

    thank you!
  •  how much does it costs per plate?  
  • We are getting married in January of 2016. Could anyone send pictures of this venue? Our email is [email protected]. Thank you so much in advance!

  • Hello! I as well am looking for reception halls and would love to see some pictures of this hall as well since it seems to be such a hit! My email is [email protected] If someone could send some pics, that would be much appreciated!
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