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Any brides here come across or used a photographer with this type of style?!/3/Philadelphia,_PA/39

How would you describe the style? I've come up with natural lighting, vintage... There are hundreds of photographers in the area so I'm hoping someone (or a few people) might be able to help me out!

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  • I'm not sure what I'd call that style but "fine art" and "natural light" come to mind as style types. When I googled "fine art wedding photography CT" this photographer came up and it looks similar. Keep in mind I know nothing about this photographer.
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  • The style is very trendy right now. Is is actually more tea-staining through the editing process than anything else. I would just look at other photographer's websites and see if their style is similar or something you like. 

    We spent a long time looking for the right photographer. I mean, the photos are what we have after the wedding to remember, so it is important. Don't be fooled by cool editing, and a handful of photos on someone's website. The best thing to do is ask to see an entire wedding, from start to finish, not just the photographer's favorite 20 in a blog post. 

    During our search we came across Carla Ten Eyck, but she and the members of her studio are pricey. I also like Katie Slater. Her work is fantastic. But, our favorite was Eric Brushett, but he does not tea-stain like the photos in the link you provide. 

    I hope this is at least someone helpful!

  • Thanks for the help!  I appreciate it!
  • Check out this recent shoot from HK Photography: 
    Very similar to the style you sampled. We used them for our wedding photos too and they came out fantastic! 
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    Stefanie Kapra Photography!  She is an amazing photographer.  Uses real film as well as digital.
  • on point images (jesse anders) 

    very similar!
  • Oh you should definitely check out our photographer!  She has some great galleries on her Facebook page and website.  Val McCormick Photography! Highly recommend her!
  • I second Val McCormick she is wonderful and such a sweetheart
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