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Registry Question!! Need HELP!!

My fiance and I are getting married October 18, 2014. We have three registries going on right now. Does anyone else have this many or is this to much? We have Amazon, Kohls, and Wal-Mart. I am now thinking after starting them that everyone won't even pay attention to our Amazon one when they can go in person to the store and not mess with the computer. Does anyone else feel this way? I'm nervous about it.


Re: Registry Question!! Need HELP!!

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    @CLeach23 I think it depends on your crowd. Some of your friends and younger guests will be interested in and probably utilize the Amazon registry...while other guests may have no idea what to do with it. I'm personally probably going to register at three places too although we haven't lined up exactly where yet. The nice thing about Amazon is you can generally get free shipping plus in some (but not all!) states you don't have to pay a sales tax. I know this is changing in many places though because of new laws so it isn't as a great a selling point as it used to be.

    Personally, if I'm buying from a registry I nearly always buy from the retailer's online site. I just don't always have the time or the interest in printing out at a list and looking around the store for an item.

  • I'm getting married the weekend after you, and I have 3 registries as well (Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Williams-Sonoma). I had planned to pare down the list cause I thought I had too much stuff listed, but over thanksgiving week I saw all of FI's family (immediate, aunts/uncles, cousins, and also close family friends) and most of them were telling me that I didn't have *enough* items on the lists, so, I really think it's a "know your crowd" thing. Also, how far are the actual stores from the majority of your guests? Many may prefer the Amazon site if they don't want to drive more than a certain distance. :)
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    We have yet to register, we will pick three stores between BBB, Macys, WS and Khols I think.
  • We have three registries and they are accessible online and in store. This was really important since the majority of our guests are from out of town but we have traditionalists who will want to bring physical gifts. But like pp said its a know your crowd thing. Good luck!
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