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Worst wedding nightmare!

I just had the worst nightmare ever. This was the 4th wedding related nightmare that I've had in the past few months I have been engaged. But this was the worst ever! Everything went wrong. I realized right before walking down the aisle that I didn't have my veil. No one walked me down the aisle, and they played the wrong song while I walked down by myself. I got sloppy drunk before the ceremony (I don't even drink). I was missing an earring. My photographer never showed up. I got my dress caught on something once I made it up to the alter, and my whole butt was showing. And my fiance wasn't even standing there when I got there! As a matter of fact, NO ONE was standing up there. Everyone was just sitting there watching me. And it went so terribly wrong that I insisted we try it all again. And I think I must have walked down the aisle about 4 times because I wasn't happy with how it went. All of my guests became very annoyed. And the final time I walked down, I was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt!? Oh and to make matters worse, there was another ceremony going on right next to mine that all of my guests could see. It was a huge room with three alters in the same room. The other wedding hardly had any guests, the bride was wearing normal clothes, and she was pregnant and about 14 years old. Her parents were forcing her down the aisle and she was refusing to go. I think she was drunk too... 

I never want to go to sleep again. That was horrible! Any one else having crazy nightmares like mine!? I would love to hear them. 

Re: Worst wedding nightmare!

  • I've had a couple, nothing memorable though.  It's funny though, 2 parts of your nightmare are actually real things in my wedding!  I won't be wearing a veil, and I plan on walking myself down the aisle!
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    I have seen both of those things before. No veil, and walking down the aisle alone, and they aren't by any means bad things to do!! They were just unexpected in my dream. 
  • A week or so ago I had a similar nightmare! It was my first wedding related one. I was in a huge room and there were 2 other weddings going on and all of sudden I stood up and walked down the aisle but nothing was how it was supposed to be. Crazy that someone else had a similar dream!
  • I always have wedding nightmares! Some memorable moments were: Wearing regular street clothes down the aisle, having wet hair, my parents speaking loudly during the ceremony, and showing up hours late.


    The mind is crazy! I tell my mother and she just laughs at me.

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    I've only had one wedding nightmare so far.

    The highlights:

    It was the day of the wedding and I realized we had forgotten to do a rehearsal the day before. I reassured myself no big deal...it's not hard to walk down an aisle in order. But then I remembered we also hadn't gone to the RD and I had never cancelled with the caterer so I got charged for $1000 worth of uneaten food.

    Later in the dream I realized my dj wasn't there and was not going to show up because I hadn't signed the contract or paid the deposit.

    And then I noticed I hadn't gotten a manicure or pedicure and my nails were totally gross. At least this part was lighthearted...the losing tons of money and not having a DJ were really stressful.

  • It's so funny how we seem to be dreaming about the same things. It's been a while since I've had a wedding nightmare! I guess I'm due for one. :(
  • I had one where I pretty much forgot to plan everything but my mom was there to save the day - with 7 bottles of vodka and some wacko centerpieces that involved toy cars.
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    I just had a wedding nightmare last night! All of our vendors decided to not show up, our venue wasn't expecting us so they had to push our wedding to late in the evening - like we are talking midnight. And for some reason my hair looked like it was slathered in olive oil. Not a good look. It was awful. 

    Can it just be October already so that we can get to the being married to my best friend for the rest of my life part??!
  • I have had two wedding nightmares so far and they were two nights in a row! The first dream my wedding looked literally like a circus!! LOL and the second one more like the Twilight wedding but with only me and my hunny!! LOL I've had wedding dreams in the past but these dreams felt so REAL!!!
  • Haha, I've started having them just in the past two weeks...but like every other night!!  The most bizarre one was a few nights ago...I dreamt that I went into a COMA for two weeks before the wedding and came out of it the day before the wedding.  So everyone was telling me to relax, that everything was taken care of and to just show up to the wedding the next day.  So I showed up at our venue the next day (in my dream our venue was exactly our real-life venue) and there were no centerpieces, bridesmaids were in the completely wrong color, my DJ was telling me he didn't have a playlist so he didn't know what to play.  I freaked out and decided we were going to postpone the wedding until I could get everything back to the way it was supposed to be.  

    I woke up and told my FI all about it.  Then I deduced that this probably has something to do with my perfectionist/slightly OCD tendencies when it comes to wedding planning.  In my dream, as in real life, everything has to be perfect!!  I think I need a massage, lol.  
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    I had a nightmare the other night that I had forgotten to buy my FI his wedding ring! I was trying to come up with a way that no one would notice, so I just ended up putting a rubber band on his finger. Then his BM saw and started yelling that I was a fraud to all of our guests! Eek! Ring shopping this weekend for my FI is now a top priority! Haha.
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  • iI had one that no one walked me down the isle. my dad was there just eating. he said he was to busy eating.this is crazy becausemy dad is seriously about 105 lbs and gets full from a half a slice of pizza. lol.
  • I just had my first nightmare. I woke up ready to cry because I thought it was real. I had a dream we moved our wedding day up to today. I showed up in my work uniform (I'm an EMT and its very unflattering) but I was wearing sky high heels (which I can't walk in on a good day). My hair was a mess and nothing was really booked or planned. 

    I woke up thinking that I was getting married today and that nothing was set. Talk about jumping out of bed and freaking out!

    I hope this is the last one I have. 
  • My fiance had one the other night that I think bothered him more than he was letting on...

    (Backstory: I'm not the most outgoing dancer. Usually I have to be drunk, and everyone else even MORE drunk - so they won't remember how bad i am - before i dance...)

    His nightmare: we get through the ceremony and get introduced at the reception only for me to refuse to go out and dance our 1st dance. then I storm out of the room. then his father starts crying about how FI will never find another girl, or something...lol
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  • It had been a while since I had any sort of dream about the wedding, but the past 2 nights, I did again! Last night I dreamt that the salon never did my makeup, and I was so busy and overwhelmed that I didn't realize it until half way through the wedding! And the night before, I dreamt that my FI decided he didn't want to get married anymore, and that everything had been planned for nothing. Even my mom has started to have wedding nightmares. Anyone else??
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    I had a dream that they forgot to order my dress and I found out like a month before the wedding.  The store wouldn't give me a refund because of their 'no refund' policy and wouldn't sell me anything off the rack - so I was out my 60% deposit on a dress they never ordered.

    Because of the dream, I contacted the shop and asked if they had a better idea of when it would come in.  When I ordered it I was told 'sometime in September'.  The response I got when I contacted the shop this past week 'They have it marked for Mid-August'!  So YAY!!

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    Last night I had a realllllly bad one. It was like I had 3 months to go when I went to sleep, and then I suddenly woke up the next day and it was my wedding day. I didn't have my nails done, I missed my hair and makeup appointment, and I hadn't met with my dj or photographer again, so they just didn't show up. I remember thinking in the dream, this is so bad, it must not be real. Then, all of the stuff that needed to be taken to the venue days before, had never been taken there. So we had to figure out a way to get allllll of my DIY stuff, favors, candy buffet, decor, everything, to the venue while we were already on our way there for the wedding.
  • I had one over the weekend.  Our wedding venue has an outdoorsy/summer-camp kind of feel and we had talked about leaving the ceremony in a canoe. 

    Anyway, in the dream, we were at a venue on a lake, similar to ours, and there was another wedding happening there at the same time.  FI saw a bride, wedding dress and everything, crossing the lake on a Stand Up Paddleboard.  She fell off the board, into the lake, and was struggling to get back on the board with that heavy wedding dress on.  FI thought it was me because I guess this other bride had brown hair too, so he tried to go out in the lake to save her.  Then I got angry because not only was he soaking wet for our wedding, but he had also mistaken another bride for me.
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  • @hkda2003 I think we had the same dream. I woke up so scared that it was actually my wedding day because I really have nothing done!
  • I'm so sick of having wedding nightmares.  Does it end when we're married?!?! Or am I going to still be having these 2 years from now!! lol. 
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