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Travel Agent Advice

For those of you who have used or will use Travel Agents how is going or how did it go?  I have gotten good reviews on both Beach Bum Vacations and VIP vacations has anyone used them or planning to use them? Any feedback comments or reviews?


Re: Travel Agent Advice

  • I am using Beach Bum Vacation and have Melissa.  She has been wonderful and I don't know what I would do without her help!  She is so quick to respond to all my questions and has been so helpful with helping my guests.  I would def recommend her!

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  • I am using a travel agent right here in NJ. I have used him for two other trips that I have planned in the past.

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    I have heard many ladies rave about BBV. I'm not using anyone cause it's just us. Does VIP charge you cause I believe BBV is free?
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  • I use Beach Bum (they are free). My TA is Kristin and I love her! She's awesome and super quick in responding. I wouldn't know what to do without her. She even met me in person to dicuss the contract and explain everything to me before I signed it. I def recommend her!
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  • I use a local TA - we found the prices for the trip and told her and she booked. She has been incredibly helpful when we have run into any issues with the resort. I also go on bestdestinationweddings.com and they have their own TAs you can use and that is all they do is book destination weddings - I'd check them out but I have no idea if they are free or not
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    sarahkue is a vendor and works for VIP. She posted as such on the honeymoon board. 

    I think working with a TA that specializes in DWs and the area where you want to get married is the best way to go. That agent may be local or may be online. Contact 2-3 agencies and see which agency "gets you" and connects with you the most. 


  • Completely agree with Jells2dot0. Full disclosure, I am a travel consultant that specializes in DW, but the personal connection is VERY important. You go through a lot together and I've never actually not had one of my brides invite me to the wedding - that's how important it is that they "get you". 

    The right travel consultant will be just that...a consultant. Don't be afraid to ask them what they can do for you. If they work for a connected agency, they will be able to secure upgrades and amenities on your behalf, and 9 times out of 10, they have a relationship with reputable resorts that will make sure you are well looked after. Last, the Greek language that the hotel contracts are written in - they speak that kind of Greek, too, and will negotiate terms and conditions that are to your benefit!

    Congratulations and good luck :)
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  • I am getting married in cabo san lucas and am using at your service concierge. Brian has been great to work with and has personally helped me with no added fees. I have loved not having to worry about this part of the wedding. email me at [email protected] if you want contact information. good luck
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    @knotporscha - some vendors are starting to pop up here!!!!


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