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I recently had my dinner at the Wicked Spoon and cannot say enough good things about it. I had 55 guests in the private room with the bar and it was exquisite. The entire staff from the coordinators to the bartenders were amazing! The food was absolutely wonderful and all my guests raved how it was one of the best receptions they had ever been to. I booked this sight unseen and seriously could not be happier.  If you are considering it booking with them I would say do it! It is well worth the money.


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  • Got any specs on pricing, what was provided, etc?  Oh day of week and time of day too.


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  • I had it on Saturday night from 7:30-9:30. The F&B minimum was $2500 to have the room. That includes the buffet and normal drinks like soda,coffee, etc. We opted to have a bar that had some money on it and once the total was hit it went to cash. 
  • How long did your bar last and how much $ did you provide for it. I am having my reception at the wicked spoon and debating between the $10 pp for unlimited wine or doing what you did...
  • You know honestly we did $1000 and we ended up extending to $1200 and it lasted the whole time. Most my guests were beer drinkers and nobody went crazy with the top shelf. Another thing to ask your coordinator about is getting a rewards card. All the money you spend at the Wicked Spoon can be applied to those gaming cards and get you some cool stuff!
  • I also had 55 people if that helps put it in perspective. If your getting the private room I highly the one with bar,
  • Awesome! Thanks so much. I am expecting about 55 people as well. Thanks for the tip about the rewards card too!!
  • Do they have a dance floor or room for one there? My family gets a little crazy when they start drinking. And what about music?
  • They didn't have a dance floor and I opted for the smaller room so there was no room for one. I rented a PA system through their vendor. The sound quality was great and had a mic so people could do speeches.
  • Were you able to hook an IPOD to the sound system?
  • I was. The company set everything up and it was very easy to use
  • Who was your contact at Wicked Spoon? I have found some old contact info in these threads but I was wondering who you dealt with? My group would be about the same size.
  • Jamie Rosenstein
  • I would write a Yelp review!
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