Boston Wedding Venue under $20,000 - 150 people

Hi Everyone,

I know this is a common question on this board, but I'm looking for a venue in the boston area - metro boston, north shore, south shore - for 150 that includes a consumption or open bar option, and is under $20,000 total (including venue fees, catering and taxes). Is this possible? Also, my only other requirement is that there is no tent needed.


Re: Boston Wedding Venue under $20,000 - 150 people

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    You can look at Easton Country club.  I looked at them, and their prices are really reasonable. I don't remember the venue max, but it has to be at least 150, because that was my numbers. The room is on the small side, but the outside is really pretty.

    I ended up with a different venue that is more expensive, and will probably be around 25K for everything venue related.


  • Thanks! I think we'll end up doing some more guest list cutting to help get the budget in control. 
  • I just booked the Endicott Estate in Dedham. You bring in your own caterer of choice and stock your own open bar and hire a bartending service. I have not booked all my vendors yet but the venue itself is $3500 on a summer Saturday, less on another day or off season. I'm really excited about it and hoping we can keep the catering cost under control!
  • I went to two weddings there - and it is a fabulous venue! But, I also didn't want to do what others had already done and wanted to make my day my own. I went to one inside in the winter and one inside/outside in the summer.  I was concerned also that if we wanted to do the seating inside (i'm not personally interested in doing a tent) that the ballroom may be small for our group. 
  • Glad to hear you liked it! I totally understand not wanting to repeat a venue, I was the same way. They said they hold 150 max indoors but we will be more like 120. There are lots of other nice estates reasonably priced but I think they usually need a tent for your size party. Other ideas might be the Smith Barn in Peabody or check out this blog:
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    Have you checked out Danvers Port Yacht club? They have incredible prices, and it's very pretty there. My friend was married there, but just like you, I didn't want to repeat venues, so I never looked at it for my own wedding. They have all their pricing online.


  • Look into the Neighborhood Club in Quincy. It's awesome
  • The Renaissance in Foxboro, MA very flexible and reasonable :-) And pretty... 
  • we liked the Barker Tavern in Scituate
  • Atlantica in Cohasset
  • Hi Everyone, thanks for all of the great suggestions! We have decided to go with the Boston College Club and compromise on some other aspects of the wedding. 

    The BC club has an $18,000 food and drink minimum plus set up and administration fees (about $22,000 total at the minimum). I found this to be a great value in the center of the city and has the same views as other high profile locations. Guests have free parking and its a few blocks from Downtown Crossing and South Station. They are very flexible to make the reception your own.  The venue can fit 180 people with dance floor - its not a normal ballroom shape. They only do consumption bar or cash - there are no "open" bars.  
  • Also on a note, we are doing some cutting to the guest list to get the price lower - closer to 135.
  • I did the Westin Copley and my f&b was brought down to 20k.  It was 25K normally.
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    @sjuhawkz Weird! I'm 99% sure we passed on the BC Club because it wasn't big enough (our guest list is 130). But I'm glad to hear that they fit your budget!! We were drooling over the pictures, and the location is unbeatable.
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • The BC club normally fits 144, but if you use the chair upgrade they can do 10 to a table (18 tables) with the dance floor. The venue is tight though - so it doesn't have that large ballroom feel, so that was a trade off. We've been going back and forth with the guest list, I would like it smaller for space and cost reasons so we'll see. The Umass club only fit 75 I think with the dance floor so that was out.
  • My budget sounds exactly like yours and we chose the Danversport Yacht club..  our wedding is this June and so far the Yacht club has been great at answering any questions etc..  

    We choose the biggest room, the ballroom, and for 160 people for the ceremony, appetizers, dinner, full open bar for entire night, and wedding cake it is exactly $20,000. there are two smaller rooms that have lower minimums.. It is definitely worth checking out - all of their prices include tax and gratuity so there are no hidden fees.
  • Try the Milton Hoosiac Club
  • I keep hearing about the hoosic club. I'm touring there this week. Prices seem reasonable.
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