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Just picked 9/13/14!

I just secured my venue and we're getting married 9/13/14!! We've been engaged a little over 3 weeks.  I have not picked anything else out yet - just the ceremony and reception venue.  We're getting married in the Catholic church he grew up in (no mass as I am not Catholic) and the reception is at a country club.

I'm having a terrible time picking colors.  Average high temp is mid 70s and average low is mid 50s.  Everything is inside except for the cocktail hour is outdoors.  

Most venues I looked at had one or two Saturdays left in 2014 so I'm really hoping I don't have a terrible time finding a photographer, DJ, etc...

Is $3,500 for the whole day reasonable for a photographer? I think our honeymoon will cost less!! Yikes. 

Re: Just picked 9/13/14!

  • Congrats on picking your date! $3,500 is out of my price range for a photographer but, our budget is $10,000 so that would eat up way too much of our cost. We were lucky to find a good deal for much cheaper. However $3,500 might be the norm for your area so it's hard to say if that's "reasonable", KWIM? I had to email about 15 photographers before we found one in our price range so I think you *could* find one for less but, then again not sure what area you live in or how many hours of coverage you're looking for. Happy planning!
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  • Congratulations! We share the same date!! I agree with PP about the photographer, it really depends in your area and your overall budget. Do you get an album for that price as well?
  • Same here! Mine is 9/13 and our entire budget is about 8500 so there's no way I could spend that much on photography. What area are you in? I'm in New England and here they are all $2,000 for basic package and $3500 for both photographer and videographer. Even the 2k was a little out of my price range so a good friend is doing it in exchange for her airfare and accommodations here (about $700). You should def call DJ's soon, mine was already booked for about 24 weekends in 2014 which is basically all of wedding season. Mine was supposed to be $1,000 but I was referred by a mutual friend so he gave me a $200 discount. I haven't picked out my colors yet either! 
  • Congrats!  For colors, we are doing gray, navy, and orange (for flowers and accents).  I am not too into the usual "fall colors" and I don't really like summer colors for a September wedding either, so I think my colors are a happy medium.  Our overall budget is $15,000...there was no way we would spend that much on a photographer.  I booked mine for $1,350 for the day including our engagement session.  No prints, but we get the DVD and all rights to the images.  It definitely depends on your area...but keep searching.  It took me A LOT of google searches to find one that would fit in our price range and that we really liked.

    Best wishes!
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  • Definitely post on your local boards asking for recommendations for affordable vendors.  I've been successful in doing that.  Also, once you start booking, you can ask vendors for photographer suggested videographer & florist.  I think the videographer is more than I ever imagined it to be To me, videographer & photographer work to create the memories that will last a lifetime, worth it to get quality.  But pricing depends on your area.  I'm in the Lower Hudson Valley region of NY (suburbs of NYC), so you can imagine the prices associated with anything wedding!

    For colors, I haven't picked dresses for my girls yet, but I know I want them to wear a deep purple (like eggplant) and my flowers to bring in orange & deep pink.  I'm going with the colors of a sunset.  I just love how natures paints the sky with sunsets.
  • Congrats on picking your wedding date and venue.  I'm also getting married the same day.

    As far as photography, ours will cost $2500.  However, that does not include an album, and we'll have to pay extra for engagement photos.
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  • We did finally book a photographer.  He's excellent and we're very excited.  $2,750 for 2 photographers for 11 hours, 2 hour engagement session, 2 hour site visit, $800 album credit, online hosting with $200 print credit, and full rights to the photos with the exception that we cannot profit from them and the photographer can use them for promotional stuff and on his website.  We can print wherever, share wherever, etc.  I have decided on navy and white with a peachy/pink/coral for an accent color.
  • Same date here too! Sounds like you got a good deal. Our photographer is $2200, which includes two photographers for 8 hours and all high-res, edited images (with rights) on disc, plus an engagement session and some credit for prints. The album is another $900. The photography is the second most important aspect of the day for me - besides my husband, it's the only thing I'll get to keep and use after the day is done! We're doing this sort of dusty aqua color with some pops of deeper blue, green and yellow.image

  • Cute!! I love aqua / turquoise. Unfortunately, my fiance hates anything that resembles green :o)
  •  Congratulations! My wedding date is also 09-13-14. He proposed to me last year on 9/13 which was our 5 year anniversary. It just happen to work out that the 13th was on a Saturday this year so we will be getting married on our 6 year anniversary. Sorry I'm just really excited. I didn't start planning our wedding until just after the first of the year. I have yet to book a photographer or dj. I have the venue booked and the food taken care of but that is it. I have set a $2000 budget for my wedding. It seems really low but I live in a small town and we are getting married on my family's farm. So I have decided to go with a rustic/vintage theme. To me $3500 seems extremely high but being from a small town services tend to be cheaper. I have been pricing photographers around here and I can book one for the whole day for around $500 and the price included engagement photos.
  • oh and forgot to give some color options. Royal blue and yellow. browns, greens, oranges, and coral is also good.
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