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How about this palette?

My wedding is Sept 6th in Vermont.  Is it too early for this palette?  I'm thinking burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

Re: How about this palette?

  • I don't think it is too early for those colors at all!  I actually really love them.  I am not too into fall colors personally, but I think this is a great compromise for the season we'll be going into.

    My best friend got married in September and did eggplant-colored bridesmaid dresses and I am 9/21/14 and doing navy blue.  I think burgundy/cranberry is a great idea for bridesmaid dresses!
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  • I think that's a great color palette! I am doing black,red and white for my colors so I don't think anything can be considered too early since like my colors, a lot of people don't stick to traditional season palettes any longer.
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  • its your wedding have what you want
    no its not too early

    my colors have not changed from the spring or fall lol 
    folks dont like it they can kick rocks lol 

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  • I don't think it's too early. I love all the colors! Like everyone else has been saying, it is your wedding so if you like it you should so it! I'm thinking about having some cranberry accents at my wedding I think of September as fall, especially in Vermont that will be beautiful!
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    I love those colors. I'm doing mint and that's more a spring color than a fall color so I wouldn't worry about it! 



  • It's gorgeous! It goes with the season really beautifully... Also, if you have a colorful forest in your photos, blue or green is great as well and will really pop. You could also combine the cranberry with another color as well. Depends on how you want the feeling to be. 
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