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What vendors have you NOT booked yet?

Hello September brides :)  I'm getting married September 20, 2014 and could not be more excited!  I have been a huge theknot lurker but am finally checking out my month board!  I see the discussion about which vendors everyone has booked so my question is what vendors have you not booked / what do you have left to do?  I got engaged a year ago tomorrow and did ton of planning and vendor booking in March and feel like now I'm starting to get a little behind!

Still to Do:
Save the Dates - I have them and 1/4 of them are addressed - still waiting for some addresses
Invitations - I have them picked out and the wording but am waiting until closer to the date to order or a good sale (vistaprint)
Dress - I found my dress but am ordering it from a boutique closer to my house in a couple of weeks
Officiant - I've e-mailed a few but am hoping to narrow it down and make a decision soon!
Transportation - I need to get a bus to take the WP around for pictures...I have a quote I just need to make a decision on it
Room Blocks - I have to come up with a few back-up options
Honeymoon - have a travel agent but waiting for a quote back

I feel like I'm forgetting other vendors and would love to see your lists :)  Although I have most vendors booked I still need to nail down a lot of details with them!

Re: What vendors have you NOT booked yet?

  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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    Hey! Mine is Sept 14 but I've only been engaged and planning for 2 months now...I think the ones I still need are- 
    Hairdresser- have 2 recommendations, need to call them
    Flowers- I'm only doing my bouquet, no flowers for decoration
    Invitations- have not even thought of them yet but save the dates are all sent
    Popcorn machine rental
    I'm not doing any transportation or hotel rooms/ blocks 



  • September 13... I still have quite a few to do. These are the next 'big' ones: Wedding gown Flowers Cupcakes Invitations Transportation Hair/makeup
  • We were engaged early September.  Our wedding date is September 26th.  I feel I have alot done, but many vendors didn't want to meet until the new year.  

    I have left:

     Florist, appointment scheduled for Jan. 20th, with a potential.  

    Videographer, something I really want, but FI & just about everyone else is against.  We meet with our photographer this Saturday, so after we review package prices from them, I'll probably make my decision regarding videographer.  I'm most likely going for it , because it is important to me.  

    Cake comes with venue, we will meet with the baker in the Spring.

    We booked our DJ, but we will be meeting with him in the next few weeks to decide on a package. He was moving offices during this off peak period as well.  I'll be giving him a call soon to schedule a meeting.

    Bridesmaids dresses, shopping to take place in February.  Same with MOB dress.

    We are beginning the design process of our wedding bands in 2 weeks.  I'm very excited.  A little nervous about them being done on time.  They will be custom designed & handmade in Ireland, like my engagement ring.
  • I feel like I have a lot of the major things done which I feel good about. Saturday my MOH and I are going cupcake tasting. Yum, can't wait.

    My girls picked out the dress they want, and within the next month they will get ordered. I'm glad they all agreed on one and it's reasonably priced which I had been nervous about.

    FI needs to pick out the wedding band he wants. We found one I think he likes but, we need him to try it on/get sized. Also, the groomsmen need their tuxes but, I don't think we need to do that until May at the earliest.

    I decide I'm going to embark on a DIY project and design/make my own brooch bouquet! I'm kind of excited to start it in the next couple of months. I've been doing a lot of research and have a few crafty friends that might be able to give me some advice if I get stuck. My mom has a beautiful white pin/brooch that I'm using as part of my bouquet. It's really sentimental to her since it was my great grandmother's so it means so much to me that I can use it. Maybe it will be my "something borrowed".

    We also need to do smaller things like invites, register, buy gifts for our WP, etc.

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  • This month I am getting a lot of the big stuff, bridesmaid dresses, and cake will be done as of February 1st.  I still need to get my fiance's wedding band, schedule for hair and makeup, order tuxes, invitations.  I am in the process of finishing up my save the dates.
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  • The big things I haven't taken care of yet are the cake and transportation.  I want an artistic, colorful cake and everything I have seen so far from nearby bakeries are so.... boring.
  • InkdancerInkdancer The Shire member
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    DJ. Oh god I have no idea how to find a good DJ

    Also a florist. I don't want a lot of flowers, but I want some.
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    We still need a cake, a ceremony musician and our wedding bands. We haven't ordered invitations yet either but we've picked out the ones we want. Also still need a huppah rental. I think we've found a cantor for the ceremony so that's a huge relief! I'm Presbyterian so my minister grandfather will be doing part of the ceremony but FI is Jewish. Finding a cantor for an interfaith wedding was a little tricky so I'm very thankful that's been accomplished. ETA: We haven't booked our honeymoon either but since we're not going until December that can wait a bit. @Inkdancer I actually asked my venue for a list of vendors they've worked with previously. It's been very helpful, maybe see if yours has a list like that?
  • I'm cranking through this checklist like nobody's business! We got engaged 12/14/13, wedding is 9/13/14. We have the venue/caterer, photographer, video (WedFlik), DJ/band, florist, save the dates, invitations, hair and makeup, bridesmaid's dresses (color and designer chosen, girls just need to select and order their style) and my shoes, lol... 
    Still need an officiant (emails out, need to meet and make selection), bakery (tastings set for next weekend), dress (first shopping appointment TOMORROW, eee!), to book the honeymoon (decided on a week in Spain!), and his wedding band. Brother in law is making us an arbor for the ceremony, and I'm making the boutonnieres (already purchased the silk flowers) and centerpieces. :)

  • @lolo8383 Wedflik looks interesting!  Which package did you go with?  I would LOVE to have video but not sure if we can fit it in the budget!
  • @kiwikiss56 I got the top package. There's a coupon code on the site (MEMORIES) to save $100 so it was only $699. I figure that's little enough that if it comes out awful, it's not the end of the world and at least our friends had fun recording it. But if it's awesome, we saved 2 grand!

  • Ours is 9/19. In terms of vendors, we still need to book our florist (though we know who we are using and having our final appointment set up with them to book); we are still looking for a photobooth vendor, hair stylists/make up artist, and my fiance is still trying to figure out his attire. So we're feeling pretty accomplished!
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