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Late night snack

I want to do a late night “snack” at our reception.  I was thinking about doing something like a popcorn bar with different flavors of popcorn and possibly some toppings.  I thought about having everything set up at a table and let everyone put together their own snack.  Does anyone have any other suggestions? 

Re: Late night snack

  • @zervanbr

    We're not doing a popcorn bar but we are having the venue bring out some pizza and cookies later at night and that's our late night snack.

    If you go with your idea, which is not a bad idea at all, I would have it all set up at a table and let guests make their own. People like different things and some may want topping A while others want topping B or C or even no topping at all.

  • I'd love a popcorn bar!

    Check with your caterer.  Our wedding was on the ocean in MA.  We had a late night snack of mini lobster rolls.
  • I like popcorn.  A wedding I went to had paper lunch sacks for people to put it in.  I was very happy with this because the caramel corn was so good I filled my bag and ate some and then took the leftovers home.
  • We are thinking of doing sliders and mini french fries or a doughnut and coffee bar
  • If you're going the late-night snack route, I'd choose something slightly more fulfilling. I love popcorn, but if I've been drinking and dancing (assuming your guest will be doing both), I want something more.

    Hot dogs and bags of chips are an easy, cheap, and, IMHO, awesome option. Pizza is also a great choice. 
  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    I love popcorn, so this sounds great!

    Maybe do another small snack with it, since popcorn is so light.

  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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    Everyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with popcorn and it's one thing that I will NOT share. Like not even with my 4 year old nephew or FI. I was going to rent a large popcorn machine but now that I'm reading this I'm wondering if it would be easier to have it already made and portioned into bags? What to do you think? 



  • How about a food truck? Like a grilled cheese truck or mini burgers and fries with little milkshake shooters?
  • lc07lc07 Sunny Southern California member
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    What toppings do people put on popcorn?
  • lc07 said:
    What toppings do people put on popcorn?
    I personally like parmesan on mine
  • How about a food truck? Like a grilled cheese truck or mini burgers and fries with little milkshake shooters?

    Just a word of warning on food trucks - I wanted to do this, but all the ones I was interested in had a $1,000 minimum.

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  • You don't need truck - just have caterer do

    Popcorn bar can be fun too !
  • JennyColadaJennyColada Awesometown, CA member
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    Hot Pockets. Lol.

    Let's see, late at night something warm but also something juicy. Sandwich and fruit sounds good (keep 'em hydrated!). You can get some decently affordable party platters.
  • I have been at 2 weddings that did a late night snack. One did a cheeseburger slider with fries. The other had slices of pizza. I was too full both times to eat any but cute idea!
  • I just went to a wedding with a popcorn bar w/ tons of toppings and everyone was just eating the toppings (gummy bears, chocolate chips, etc.). It was fun though and hit the spot w/ the sweet and salty mixture.

    The best late night snack at a wedding i've been to was breakfast tacos. You can get them for just over $1 each probably and get them in 2-3 varieties. It was a HUGE hit, especially after a few drinks.
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