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PLEASE help ladies... an unusual situation..and somewhat embarassing...

Ok- so we have been together 7 years. Our wedding date is April 19th. We sent out save the dates back in November 2013. We had a large disagreement and we both are scared of marriage bc of the situation of both our parents...we at one point decided to call wedding off.. he told some of his invitees and now we have come back to our senses and we love each other deeply.. we still want to go forward with the marriage. My question is... how do we tell those who were told it was cancelled?? Do we just send out the invite? Is there some funny card we cld send before? Like cold feet but now jumping in the sand?? Something creative? We feel embarrassed about it... Please help! Thanks for any input! =)

Re: PLEASE help ladies... an unusual situation..and somewhat embarassing...

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    I wouldn't try to be funny about this situation.  I would have FI speak with these invitees and let them know in passing that the wedding is back on.  Then send out your invites as normal.

    Don't feel embarrassed about it.  It happens to many couples.  Sometimes you get overwhelmed and things happen.  Glad that you and your FI have worked things out.

    I would suggest pre-marital counseling if you and your FI aren't already doing so.  It would be helpful in not only discussing what you both want in a marriage but also to realize that you are not your parents and not every marriage ends badly (if that is the situation you were referring to).

  • Ok. Thank you so much for the input. It makes me feel better to know this happens to many couples. I felt so discouraged bc I know this is supposed to be one of the happiest times of our lives.

    Thanks again!
  • I agree.  I would jsut verbally mention it's back on, and send out invitations as normal.   Definitely don't be embarrased, better you figure things out now rather than later.  Good luck!

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    Thanks for changing your font!

    Shit happens, but i wouldnt make light of it by sending out something silly/ funny. Just have your fi talk to the people who he told the wedding was cancelled.

    And I agree with Maggie about counselling. It cant hurt you.

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  • Thank you so much!!! So crazy bc you would think after 7 years we would have this crap down!! We were engaged back in 2010 and we called it off.. and now we have done this.. yet we love each other and grow each time we have a hard patch. I think bc this is our 2nd time around ( although the first time we never even sent out STDs) we feel silly to be cancelling and back on again.
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    Humor and creativity are not indicated.  I also agree with PPs that counseling could be beneficial to you and your FI.

    Have your FI simply tell those persons he previously spoke to that you are going to get married.
  • I agree that counseling would be beneficial immediately...before those invites are sent out soon! If you've called off the engagement twice now, that's cause for concern... Regarding your original post, don't do anything funny...just tell people it's back on.

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