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When are you ladies having yours? My FI has alot of out of town family that might not make the wedding due to having children and the time of year. Would July be too early? That way they could come in to visit and stay a little.

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  • I don't think July would be too early at all. I hosted my best friend's shower (now my MOH) in September, and she got married in November.
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    I decided to turn down a shower but when I was a BM last year the wedding was Oct and the shower was July so that's not too early. 



  • I am planning on having mine in late July or early August. That way we will have some time to organize all the gifts from that before the wedding.
  • I don't think July is early at all.  I was hoping my girls would have mine in July or August.  Good luck!
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  • My family  is from out of town, and my FI and I live where his family is from. I am having one where my family lives and one where his family lives. Everyone agreed that it would be easier with a better turn out for each. One is the end of July and the other is beginning of August :]
  • I'm having mine in June due to family avaliability, so I definitely don't think July is too early. I really think it is just what works best for your schedule.
  • I have no idea when my shower will be.  All I do know is that it is booked.  My girls & mom want it to be a surprise.  I'm guessing this summer.  I think they can really be at any time. We did May for a friend's July wedding, August for October, April for June.  
  • I told my maids to plan the shower around my bday in June...
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  • I think 2-3 months is perfect. Get it done before the stress of last minute things hits - RSVPs and fittings and whatnot - plus you'll have time to figure out anything you want to add to the registry before any other people buy gifts for the wedding itself. Mine is scheduled for 7/13 so it's exactly 2 months before the big day.

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