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HELP!! White vs ivory dress- Ignore first post!

lschwar2lschwar2 member
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Hi ladies!  I've started the dress shopping process and I'm so confused!   I had pictured wearing a white dress, but every store I've gone to has had almost all ivory samples.  I'm not opposed to wearing ivory, but since I had planned on wearing white, I'd like to at least try on a white dress. There's one dress that I really like so far- it's an older Jim Hjelm- style 8962 (really bad pic but you get the idea). It can be ordered in white, but I don't really feel comfortable ordering something that I haven't seen before. And I haven't found any stores in my area that even have a different white Jim Hjelm so I could at least see the color. Also, if I wear ivory does my fiance have to wear an ivory shirt?  I started to broach that subject with him, and being the metrosexual that he is, he had a full-on panic attack.   Lastly, do you even like this dress?  Any input would be much appreciated!!

Re: HELP!! White vs ivory dress- Ignore first post!

  • Sorry..I accidentally posted unfinished and don't know how to delete!
  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I am wearing an ivory dress, but my FI will still be wearing a white shirt. I don't think it's a big deal. I definitely think you should at least try on some white dresses to see how they look on you. I went with ivory because I hated the way white dresses looked on my skin tone. If you've tried on some white dresses though and you like how they look then I think you will be fine getting it in white. It's a very pretty dress.
  • I do not like men in ivory shirts. Like at all. I think ivory shirts look dingy. 

    I had a lace allure gown that had a "cafe" satin underlay and "ivory" lace overlay. It was about the furthest thing from white they sell. DH wore a white shirt. It was really a non-issue. 

  • I looooove that Jim Hjelm dress! Couldn't you Google and see if you can find a pic of it in white, or a similar Jim Hjelm style? Also, white and ivory are both neutrals, so your FI doesn't have to wear ivory if you decide to. Even if you're in ivory and he's in white, you'll coordinate just fine :)

  • I'm so confused about the whole white/ivory thing in general. The dress I purchased is technically ivory, as was the sample of it that I tried on. But it looks white to me. They even held it up to a "white" dress to show me the difference, and I couldn't see it at all.

    It must depend on the line. Because the one you posted definitely looks ivory, whereas mine just looks white to me.

    Anyways, back to the topic - your groom's attire definitely doesn't have to match your dress perfectly. No one would even notice.
  • Awesome, thanks for the feedback ladies..much appreciated!
  • I was in the same boat as you, I wanted a white dress and everything in the store was ivory. Here's the difference - white will look REALLY WHITE against fair skin tones, so ivory looks more flattering and not so stark white. You also won't be able to tell much of a difference if your fiance will be wearing a white shirt and you'll be in an ivory dress next to him. Pictures will certainly not show the color difference and no one will notice in person either. When my dress came in and I went to look at it for the first time, I was surprised my ivory dress looked like it was white in person and I wasn't so concerned anymore. Also, I asked all my friends who got married before me what color their dresses were and they all said ivory (meanwhile they all looked white to me in person). 

    P.S. Your dress is beautiful and you look gorgeous in it! :)
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  • princessleia22princessleia22 Oceanfront Property in Arizona member
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    Ivory tends to look better on most people than pure white does.  Generally you (nor your guests) won't notice the color difference or that it isn't true white.  But with a lot of skin tones, true white will make you look flushed out, especially in photos.  If you want to try on an actual white dress, call around to bridal shops and find any white sample, even if its different designer or whatever.  Ivory and off white may vary between designers, but true white should be the same everywhere.  That will at least give you an idea of how ivory looks with your skin tone. And no, it doesn't need to have any effect on groom's shirt or anything else in your wedding.  My dress is ivory (honestly, it just looked white to me) and we are still using white for everything else.


  • A little late in the game, but I wore an ivory dress and FI wore a white shirt. The resort where we got married just posted some of our pics. You can see it doesn't look odd in the pictures :)








  • @Jells2dot0 you look like such a natural beauty in your wedding pics!
  • @CrazyCatLady- thank you! It was a very natural, simple, wedding.


  • I personally think that pure white dresses do not flatter most people. Ivory gives a softer look and isn't as "harsh."

    My dress was ivory and I have no idea what color my H wore - I just didn't ask or think about it. (I think he wore white?)
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  • I meant to attach this to my other response, but it didn't work. 
    You can see his shirt cuff compared to my ivory dress.
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  • My bought an ivory dress but it really looks white. There are shades of ivory - some are more white and some can be yellow-ish. 
    I was told at the dress salon to have the groom in ivory shirt like the dress - the consultant said if you put a white shirt next to an ivory dress it just looks "dirty". 
  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    @Jells2dot0 - Beautiful photos!

    OP - A woman's ivory wedding dress is more like a softer white.  It looks better on most women than a paper white dress.  As for men's shirt.....an ivory shirt will look yellowy and dingy.  Stick to classic white for the men's shirt.....nobody will notice the difference between his shirt and your dress.
  • My youngest sister's dress was ivory (I kept going on and on about how flattering the shade was!), and her husband wore his US Navy white dress uniform.  No, they weren't the same color, but who cares?  Her gown looked MUCH better on her than white would have.  And he looked really nice in white, he's got a darker, half-Asian skintone, and she's fair & dark-haired.
  • I purchased a white dress in Oct, now you've all got me sweating! It hasn't come in yet, and I'm now crossing my fingers. From what I remember, it looked nice!! aaahhh.
  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
    5000 Comments 500 Love Its Fourth Anniversary 5 Answers
    I purchased a white dress in Oct, now you've all got me sweating! It hasn't come in yet, and I'm now crossing my fingers. From what I remember, it looked nice!! aaahhh.
    Are you sure it was paper white?  Because sometimes white dresses are called diamond white, natural white, etc.  These are still a "softer" white than paper white and similar to ivory.  Nevertheless, one of my girlfriends wore paper white and it looked great on her.  She also has a dark complexion and dark hair.  I'm very fair, so that would not look good on me!
  • I tried my dress on and it was ivory I did not like it, it made my skin look ruddy. I tried on a dress that I had no intention of buying just to see how white would actually look and I loved the color. When I got my dress the white looked stunning and made the details just sparkle more so then when I saw it in ivory. Typically the groom wears a vest that matches the bride not his dress shirt. as PP have stated an ivory dress shirt looks dirty or yellowish. Most times the tuxedo rental places will ask the groom what color the bride is wearing and matches the vest to that. My FI's did so. He just made the request that his tie match his best man's (blue)
  • @JoanE2012
    It was only called "white" on my reciept/invoice. I did have the white version and ivory to try on, and the saleswoman, my gals and I all agreed white looked best. I think I'm just over-thinking since I bought it almost 3 months ago and I'm anxious to get back in that sucker!

    I just keep telling myself that every bride looks fantastic with their wedding glow, so no matter what dress/color I choose, I'll be alright. :) Thanks for your reassurance.
  • I think that a white dress often looks a lot more "princess-y" than an ivory dress, even if it's the same exact dress. If I were the original poster I'd definitely try to find a white dress by the same designer just to make sure I like the actual color against my skin tone. Not the exact dress, mind you, just the color by the designer.
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