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Farewell to my fellow September 2014 Brides

Just wanted to wish all of the September 2014 wedding couples all the best on their big day!  It has been very fun and helpful reading everyone's questions & comments.

The day after Christmas my fiance and I went out to dinner and talked about our big September 6th date and all of the things we still had to plan/buy/do - and then it just hit us - Let's just have a simple ceremony with our families and our closest friends and thow a huge party on September 6th instead.  So.....

We are getting married in about two weeks!!!  January 17th!!  A simple vow ceremony and then a great dinner out.  Our best friends and families are so excited.  We are so looking forward to this I can hardly find the words to explain.  I'm still wearing my dress and he will still be in a tux (and of course there will be cake) - just all the other stuff is out.  Can't wait to marry the one I love and share the moment in an intimate & personal way. 

Best wishes to everyone & Happy New Year!

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