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Premarital Counseling

I know that' it's something My fiance and I definitely want to do....but how soon is too soon we're getting married 09/06/14. With my fiance living out of state is it smart to get it done sooner rather than later?

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  • Will your fiance be out of state the entire time you're engaged? I would wait until closer to your date. Maybe next summer?
  • i'm just seeing your reply. He will be out of State for our entire engagement. :( We met with a minister recently, thought we'd try to start now mostly because I don't know when he'll be on my side of the country again. 
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    my fiance and I have started, and our priest said about a year in advance or at the minimum 6 months would give us enough time. hope that helps!
  • whoops I meant that for teri!
  • I'd do it sooner than later.

    We have premartial counseling required by our church and that'll start in the next few months. We'll meet with our priest about six times over the next year.
  • Our date is Sept. 5th... We start our counseling in January.  My church only does classes 2 or 3 times a year, so you have to catch it.
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  • We are getting married 9/6/14 and we already started premarital counseling.
  • Our church combines with other area churches and offer premarital counseling a few times a year. Our wedding is Sept 13 and our classes are Jan31-Feb1
  • I called my pastor yesterday Haha But I'm a little paranoid about reserving things. I'm just doing whatever gives me peace of mind. So if it gives you peace of mind to do it, I say do it. Amongst all the things we have to worry about I think the least we can do is make sure we have our vendors and especially officiant for the big day. 
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