Anyone use packageperfect.net for their party favors?

Thank you!

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    Ashgarri said:
    Anyone use packageperfect.net for their party favors?

    Thank you!
    They're not my style, so they wouldn't stay in my house.  As most people will say, if you want a crowd-pleasing favor, do something edible.
  • I don't like glass coasters because the condensation just collects on them and pools. Also they make an awful noise when you set anything ceramic or glass on them.

    Not trying to be a negative person. They're pretty but I think an edible favor might be better.
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    I agree about glass coasters not being absorbent. Also, unless I can get a set of 4 or 6 of them, they aren't much use to me.
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    I agree with the others. Coasters are supposed to protect your furniture and since glass coasters don't soak up the condensation but rather pools it and eventually allowing it to drip over the sides then it really doesn't do its job well at all.

    I think they are pretty but really, edible favors go over much better with folks.

  • I'm actually getting this kind here to double as a table/name card for each person and part of my wedding favor. I am also providing wedding mints and personalized m&ms for each person (set at their place at the table). They can leave the coaster if they don't want it. I tried to choose one that they can go with most (I hope) and they can reuse it (plop their own photo in it) as a coaster or decor at home (or work).
  • I think the coasters are adorable :)
  • I like them too... I'd take it.. but of course I'd also try to find at least one person (more than likely my FI)  that didn't want theirs so I could have a set. LOL.  I agree about condensation and glass coasters, but I don't use my glass coasters as actual coasters, I sit candles on them and if there is wax drip it comes right off. 
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