Florist -- affordable for smaller budget needed, please!

I am looking for florists in Chicago (or willing to do a wedding in Chicago) that does not have a huge minimum $ requirement.

The few I have contacted require a $2-$4k min and we are definitely working with a much more modest budget for a few modest bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces. 

Any suggestions appreciated, thank you!

Re: Florist -- affordable for smaller budget needed, please!

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    I would highly recommend Kimberose.  She is incredible. 

    We told her our budget and what we needed to have in terms of centerpieces, and bridal party flowers.  We were not particularly picky about types of flowers, which helped stretch the budget.  We used mostly roses and hydrangeas,  Our total floral budget was in the $2000 range.
  • I 2nd Kimberose....we used her too and loved her! She's really easy to work with and does amazing work. My friend just used her for her wedding and had a great experience as well.

    Another one that gets lots of good reviews on here is Amy Tellner. She also works with any budget.
  • Amy can do both silk and real. She is excellent with communication and will send you pictures of ideas she has ( if you can't go to the shop in Southbury CT)which I loved I was able to see the ideas she had and my color swatches right next to it. Some of the flowers I liked were expensive so she found ones that looked similar for a cheaper price. I actually talk to her every night. Tonight she emailed me all the swatches of ribbon that she uses and told me which one she used in the picture, because she wanted to make sure I liked that one the best. She is even helping me with the church decorations and was coming up with some DIY ideas to help cut the cost down ( which she did not have to do). She is so great and love working with her. 
    Happy planning!
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    I haven't started making phone calls or looking after reviews but we're on a tight budget too. I keep seeing Sun Flower Gallery listings and am planning to give them a look:
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  • I contacted Forget Me Knodt--they now have a new $3000 minimum for weddings so they are out :(

    Flowers on Halsted is calling me back but they are totally OK with a small budget so far. They are calling me back to discuss more, so I am hopeful!
  • I am planning in Chicago now as well and looking for a florist with "reasonable" prices.
  • I would recommend the florist we used, Kloeckner Florists - they are willing to work with many budgets and do not have a minimum.  Just let them know what your budget is and see what they will come up with.  They are also an approved florist for Cafe Brauer so they certainly know what they are doing.  Good luck!
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  • Brides Choice in Lisle. SUPER affordable and great for a creative bride on a budget. 
  • I am using Wishing Well in Chicago. Heidi is very nice and easy to work with and they came in under my budget (which wasn't very high to begin with). 
  • I'm using four finches. They did my FSIL for 2k and it looked fantastic (200 guest wedding). Our budget is 1500 and she told me today that a good florist works within your budget first before showing you what you can't afford, so we think she's a keeper
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