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My ceremony and reception are at the same place.  If I were to get a Limo, what kind of arrangement should I make? I won't be needing the Limo except for the afternoon and late evening.  I will be calling limo places soon, but I don't want to be bullied into a package that I won't need. FI and I will be at the venue the whole day.  Can you rent limos for just the transportation? Or do you have to pay for the hours you are not even using?

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  • They generally have a minimum package.  I get the romance of a limo, but that seems to be the first thing to drop in a tight budget anyway.  Doesn't your venue have a bride's dressing room? Also, how is your FI getting to the venue?  If he is driving himself, what will happen to his car when the limo takes you both after the reception? Mostly, you are paying for a driver to sit around and do nothing all day.
  • He is probably driving in with his brother, no the venue has a small locker room (smaller country club), but I can't see wanting to get dressed there.  I would hate for the floors not to be exceedingly clean and get the bottom of my dress dirty before I walk down the aisle. FI's father is, now, paying for the alcohol package, so we have a little more wiggle room. I think limos are a little excessive too, and because of my back, I can't get into a regular car sized limo. I wouldn't want to do a limo for $600 for just a small amount of transportation to and from the event. No matter how much money I have, it, still, seems wasteful. But I also get concerned for my wedding party.  There is not hotel close by. Would it be poor hosting on my part to not have a limo for my wedding party, to make sure they have safe transportation home? (Not sure if that would be improper etiquette since my venue is so far away, and there is no hotel with the venue?). I am not insinuating that any of them would drink and drive, but because of my venue choice, it would be pretty impossible to get a cab, in case they did drink too much.
  • You should ensure some sort of transportation is available to your guests from the venue and make them aware of it. I would say leaving them high and dry is a pretty shady thing to do, especially without the remote possibility of getting a cab. Maybe you could call a local cab company in the general area and arrange to have a few cars drive that route for the night so that your guests will at least have the option. 

    As for the limo situation, for what you need I'm sure you can find something in your area for $600 for the time that you need, especially if it is just for you and FI. Many of the larger companies do have a minimum package especially during busy months (ours has a 4 hour minimum for Saturdays from April-November, for example). However, we can do non-consecutive hours which works perfect for us. You should try to find a package that will get you the time you need in non-consecutive hours if they'll do it. We are getting a very large SUV and including our entire bridal party and VIP's as well in an all-inclusive package for $900(we are in Canada), so I'm sure you could get something more modest within your budget. Call around, tell them what you need and they will make you an offer. Couldn't hurt to try.
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    You do not need to provide transportation for your wedding party.  I would work with your wedding party to make plans on how everyone is going to get to the venue and then how they are going to leave.  For example for our wedding, the guys all carpooled down to the venue and me and my girls all car pooled.  To get back to their hotel or house my one BM went with her boyfriend and my MOH had her husband to take her to the hotel.  As for the guys, some stayed at the same hotel so they carpooled together while others who wanted to just go home drove down separately.  So I would just talk to everyone and let them know that you aren't having a limo or big limo bus that will be available to take them anywhere.  Then they will just figure things out from there

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    I can't remember who it was, but someone on here posted that their FI works at a limo company and they offer a drop off/ pick up service. Basically they come get you earlier in the day, go do another job, and then come back and get you later. Maybe you could ask a couple of places about that.
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    You do not need to provide any sort of transportation for your guests before or after the wedding.  Guests who want to drink will ensure that they have a way to get home safely.  Anytime I was in the WP and drove in a limo to the event, I always knew to ensure I had a ride home at the end of the night.  Unless a bride specifically told me there were other arrangements made for me (a shuttle to the hotel for example).

    Our limo had a 3 hours minimum, we only needed it before the ceremony and to take us from the Church to the reception venue. After that, I had my transportation home already figured out. 

    If you want to just have you and FI driven after the reception, you could always have one of those nice towncars pick you up.  That should only be a cost of the trip from point A to point B and not a 3 hour minimum.

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    The weddings that I've been in did not have limos. Adults are responsible for their own transportation and if they want to drink, they have to plan ahead as to who they will ride with. That's not up to you to have a ride for them. 
    As for yourselves, do you need a real limo? Because there a lot of companies where you can hire just a towncar to take you to the airport for $100 (or anywhere). So you could always book one of those if you can't find a limo for a reasonable price. 



  • every company is different. We had found one in Nor Cal that you could pay by the hour so could arrange a drop off at the venue and then a pick up at the end of the night, so we only were responsible for 2 hrs.

    BUT when we realized there was no point in taking us from just the hotel to the venue (we had hair/make up at the hotel but then went to the venue to get  ready and then ceremony and everything was there) so our WP was much happier getting dropped off at the hotel; we carpooled to the venue with my parents and MIL cars so they were able to leave with their husbands who had a car at the venue later that night.  One of our groomsman brought me and husband back to the hotel. Limo would have taken us less than a mile each way so really pointless to spend the money.  I was over it real fast! 

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