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BEST Wedding Favors?

Hi all,
Can you share the best ideas you have for wedding favors?  Maybe a favor you got when you attended a wedding as a guest, or maybe an idea from your own wedding reception...

Re: BEST Wedding Favors?

  • wine bottles mini of course, chocolate, you could get really unique and create your own soda flavor from averys soda in new britain, the cost is per case plus 1.00 for the bottles  and if you want them to do labels its another 50.00

    i am still unsure on what i am doing for my favors
  • Edible favors are always a good idea. We had heart-shaped cookies with our names and wedding date on them. We also gave a deck of playing cards to everyone, and some of the younger kids at our wedding used them to play card games.
  • Caramel apples were a huge hit at my first wedding (people are still talking about them 5 years later lol).  My cousin also did caramel apples at her 4th of July wedding and again, insanely popular.  My sister had personalized Hershey bars and those were a hit. We are leaning toward sugar cookies for our wedding. 
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  • We did lottery tickets!!!! $1 scratch off tickets, with 2013 shiny pennies in a little envelope. Then I made a cute little sticker that said "wish you riches from the new Mr. & Mrs."
  • Since we had a fall wedding, our wedding favors were apple cider donuts from Clyde's Cider Mill. Delicious and everyone loved it. We got nice packaging/labels done to make the presentation of the donuts a little fancier. It was a hit.

    I think personal touches are always best. Something that includes your theme, or the area or time of year, etc. It has been basically 2 months since our wedding, and our out of town guests are still raving about the cider donuts from Clyde's.
  • Our wedding is along the ct shoreline. We are stamping our wedding date with initials and anchor on muslin bags with taffy inside.
  • I love the Cider Mill donut idea.. yum
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  • I would love you forever if you gave me donuts from Clyde's.
  • We're doing Italian cookies since our wedding is all around Italian themed. We might also do one other small thing, but it depends on how much the cookies end up costing us;)
  • We canned our own jam and people are still talking about how tasty it was four months later.
  • All are great ideas!

    We have decided to give pancake mix and maple syrup to every couple or family (if someone is single, they would get their own). We're both from upstate New York so I thought it would be a nice touch!
  • I think people really do not remember edible wedding favors. I am searching for a place that offers affordable wedding favors.
  • @ruby And what would you suggest instead for a wedding favor?
  • my two ideas are awesome, in my opinion, the first one (and probably the one we're going with) is a packet of flower seeds with a note with something "let the love grow" or something. My other idea, if we were getting married closer to the winter time, we would have made homemade hot cocoa jars with a tag that says "winter is coming" cuz i'm a nerd and i love game of thrones. my fiance talked me out of my harry potter favor idea, so it's been a give and take with the favors.
  • I love the scratch off ticket ideas!
  • I love Clyde's Cider Mill! We are getting married in the fall in the Mystic area. Was it difficult for you to order the doughnuts?
  • Im cheating (i suppose) Im doing sillouettes of ships with magnets on the back. It tells them which ship (instead of table number) they are sitting at and its something they take home.
  • thinking of doing a small flower pot with a soil pellet. wrapped in organza, tied w/ a seed paper placecard. 
  • think you guys should check out the favors board.  edible really is best.  also, make sure to have one per guest.  people will not intuitively know that they have to share with their partner.  you do not want to run out.

    magnets, koozies, etc. usually 1) don't get taken, or 2) get taken as a courtesy then chucked.  this is not only my personal experience, but the experience of almost everyone on the favors board.  

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    I wasn't initially planning to do favors (trying to save money/ stick to a budget), but both my fiance and my name starts with "M" so we might fill little bags with Easter colored M&Ms. Pre-personalized! 
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