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when to start dress alterations? (and a pic)

hi all!

got my dress!!!!!

that being said, i need alterations. i'm going to get them from a local tailor rather than the salon due to cost.

my wedding date is 10-17-14, out of state….

when do i start alterations?

i'm not planning on losing or gaining a bunch of weight, having a baby, etc….

Re: when to start dress alterations? (and a pic)

  • here's my dress :)
  • smalfrie19smalfrie19 Home of SB XLVIII Champs member
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    Really a lovely dress... I would contact the tailors you are thinking of using and ask them about their recomendations. My FI's friend is doing my alterations for me and she said we won't do them until September. 
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    Beautiful dress! My salon recommended starting alterations in late August/early September based on the tailor's availability. Even if you aren't planning to gain or lose weight it still seems like a good idea to talk to your alterations specialist and to just wait until you're much closer to your date. That way you don't have to make changes to the dress twice just in case something does happen.

  • Your dress is very beautiful! My wedding is October 18th, and I am also getting out of state so I'm kind of in the same boat as you! However, I was told that I actually didnt need a lot of alternations, except for if I lose weight (which I am working on), and the length of the dress since it is a little long. I only have so many PTO hours at work, and most of it is already planned out for the whole year considering, so I am hoping I can fit it in at one point while I'm in town since my dress is already in Maryland. 
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