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I just moved to St Paul but am getting married in Milwaukee in May.  The travel is just too much for me to get my dress altered in WI.  I am looking for recommendations for alterations that are reasonably priced in the local area.  My dress is a Carolina Herrera that needs to be taken down a few sizes.  It was so expensive, I just don't want it to get into the wrong hands!!! Please help!
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Re: Local Alterations

  • YES!



    This lady basically remade my bridesmaid gown for my sisters wedding when I went down like 6 sizes. She did an amazing job and a great price.  She works out of her house in St. Paul.

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  • I second Louise! She's currently working on my dress!
  • Thank you very much ladies, I'll definitely check her out!
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  • oh, and welcome to st. paul!

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  • I had a bad experience with Louise, who is recommended above. She was the sweetest woman in the world and I loved her personality, but she took my dress in about 3 inches on one side and 1 inch on the other, so it was lopsided and this showed up in pictures...I'm probably the only one who will ever notice that, but it does bug me. It was also too tight, I didn't notice this until the day I wore it, but it started bunching up around my waist and didn't lay flat. This also shows in the pictures and I had to keep pulling it down to prevent this. A few other brides who were married around the same time as I was (all Knotties) reported similar problems with Louise. It's too bad because her prices were great, but I'd see if anybody else has recommendations.

    She also altered the dress from my BM, and said she would make a shawl for her out of the excess fabric, but she never did.
  • Check out JenMar Creations. I had an expensive Jim Hjelm gown that they converted the back as well as took it in quite a bit. They did a fantastic job.
  • I've used Louise twice, once for my wedding dress and once for a bridesmaid dress. She did an AMAZING job on both and would highly recommend her!
  • Thanks everyone for the recommendations. Love the reviews and hopefully this post will help some other brides looking to have alterations in the local area!  I actually went back to WI this weekend and the lady who I was originally looking at fit me in and is going to do my final fitting when I have my bridal shower, so it worked out perfectly.  
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