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What does a cake usually cost from your experiences? I have been looking around but I'm not sure what's good or bad! Help!! :)

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  • What does a cake usually cost from your experiences? I have been looking around but I'm not sure what's good or bad! Help!! :)

    Prices depend on different things such as where you live / getting married, where you go (how popular, expensive, etc), and what you decide on for cake.

    We are paying about $650 for a 1/2 sheet (50 servings) grooms cake and a 3 tiered wedding cake. Each tier is a different flavor and the grooms cake is a different flavor than the tiers.
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    It definitely depends on your area and what type of flavors/design you want for your cake. I'm paying $6.50 a serving for my cake, but I know that I could have gotten a simple design in my area for as low as $2.50 a serving. 

    ETA: It doesn't go by how many servings you need, but by how many servings are in the cake. For example, you need 100 servings, but they have to do a 3 tier cake to get at least 100, but it feeds 120. You would have to pay for 120 servings because that's what they have to make. I hope that makes sense.
  • If you are still looking, give Publix a try. Their cakes are yummy and way cheaper! I'll pull out my list of what they quoted me and post in a new thread if anyone is interested.
  • One quouted she starts at $3.75 per serving another starts at $4. One place said wedding cake that serves 60 is $240. This is in OK.
  • In Vegas we got quotes for 150-175 guests (usually 3-4 tiers with a sheet cake) from $500 - $850, with the same design ideas presented at both places. I'm sure you will find a large variety of quotes, but regardless you should be able to find something you can afford :)
  • Ours is $450 with delivery and set up, and it's for 100 people. We picked a fairly simple design though, it's 3 tiered with ivory frosting and then a little bit of scrollwork on the sides instead of ribbon...she's putting the scrollwork around the cake in the same spot a ribbon wrapping around would go.
    We also got to pick a different flavor for each tier for no extra charge.
  • Where I live it is ranging approximately $3 - $4 per serving.
  • We paid $6.50 per person for a tiered cake for 80 people and $3.50 per person for a sheet cake for 40 people.  Then I think we paid an extra $150 for decorations.
  • What PPs said. Our cake is going to be just over $300.
  • I went with cupcakes and got 200 cupcakes for $100 plus a top tier for $12. Sams Club- great pricing and yummy cupcakes!
  • I got $2.50 a slice in the Austin area. The lady did cakes on the side. Have you inquired on your local board?
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