Baker Recs, please!

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Hi All!

I'm not a knottie anymore, but I was a frequent/regular poster (under a different S/N) about 7 years ago when I planned my wedding!  I'm looking for someone to do a cake for a special occasion, and I'm out of touch now with all the different bakers around the area.  I know the big bakeries, but I know you ladies probably know a lot of the bakers that do their work out of their home, which likely reduces the cost.  So I figured I'd drop in to ask for your opinions!

We're looking for someone that can do a tiered cake with basic fondant decorations.  And of course, the cake should taste good!

Who, aside from the big name bakeries, do you recommend?  If you can point to their website, FB page, or provide contact info, I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks, ladies!  Happy Wedding Planning :)

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