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My florist is having a wedding flower show and seminar on 2/2/14 at Faunbrook B&B in West Chester from 1-3.  It's different from bridal shows and in a much more relaxed atmosphere where you can talk and ask lots of questions.  Whimsical Welcomes will be showing lots of centerpiece and bouquet samples and talking about ways to save money on flowers.  In Your Shoes Events will be giving lots of useful money saving tips.  Ron Dlutz photography is a really affordable and talented wedding photographer who will help you plan engagement shots or Save the Dates.  Chris Lauth will teach how to DIY your placecards, table numbers, and more.  If you're interested in saving money, this is the place to be for great tips and great ideas. I've attended a couple and really learned a lot of great ideas that I put to use for my wedding.  Plus they'll be giving away valuable gift certificates.  Contact [email protected] and I'm sure Leslie will send you the flyer.  Or check out her website and register at  You'll really be glad you stopped in.

Re: Bridal Blossoms

  • i went to the one in October, very informative, great event!
  • I was at the one in February and went back again in April.  I really learned a lot from what she had to say and when I met with her I got so excited.  She sketched so many ideas for me and then set up a lot of them with fresh flowers so I would know what they look like in person. No other florist did that for me.  And she sent me a personalized worksheet with all my decor details on it, what I needed to buy, how to DIY some things, and it was so helpful.  No other florist offered that either. I was really impressed with her creativity, her responsiveness, and how much she cared about all the little details of my wedding.  I'd definitely contact her.
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