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Holy Crap

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Anyone else feel like the months to September are FLYING by!?  I feel like I was just counting down in the 9 month range and realized this morning when I saw my wedding ticker that we're almost in the 6 month range!! September is gonna be here before we know it!!!

How is everyone's planning coming along?  I go to look at dresses on the 8th my Mom,Sis (MOH), and FMIL. FI and I are talking to a bakery in a couple weeks about our cake, and we go in for a caterer tasting in March! I'm having a hard time finding bridesmaids dresses that I really like in Mint green.  There are several I found that are okay. The main things we have left to do is making the centerpieces, programs, invitations, and seating charts.

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  • Haha I feel like time is going too slowly! Maybe I jumped the gun and got a lot of things done right away so I guess now I'm antsy. Invitations were ordered last week, I got my dress last weekend (!!!), and have a meeting with 2 bakeries and a pastor this coming Saturday. After that's done, it's the LAST of my major vendor choices, and the rest will just be finalizing details later (tasting/making menu choices in April, collecting centerpiece items over the summer, finalizing set list with the DJ/band in August). 

    Have you checked out Donna Morgan? Lots of cute styles in Spearmint, Beach Glass or Candy Apple (don't ask me why that's a green and not bright red) that might fit the bill. :) I'm going for more of an aqua shade, Alfred Sung "Fresh."

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    I'm with you @severmilli12, where has the time gone? FI and I are trying to determine exactly how we want our ceremony to go so we can talk to the cantor and minister about it and start nailing down details. He has also FINALLY decided that he does want his cousin to play classical guitar for the ceremony, now we have to ask him and hope he says yes! And I have plans to shop for bridesmaids dresses with two of my ladies on the 22nd. (I think I may be a bad bride, since they actually emailed me yesterday to get the ball rolling on that.) We're looking for sage/clover green dresses and have seen some cute ones from Dessy and Jasmine bridal. Definitely look at Dessy; they have a really nice selection.
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    @lolo8383 I havent checked on Donna Morgan, but its now on my to-do list for the day! Thanks!
  • I was a Bridesmaid last summer and we wore a mint green dress-- everyone loved it! I'll talk to my friend and see who the designer was and get back to you... it was strapless and long and flattered everyone! 

    Good Luck!
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  • If too much time passes without me doing some serious wedding stuff, I feel like I'm wasting time! I'm meeting with the preacher on Monday and I've pretty much picked out my cake baker and caterer. I've booked the venue and picked out my bridesmaids dresses. The only thing holding me back is my family getting back to me about how much they can contribute. I can't give any down payments until I know X_X
  • I go back and forth between time flying and going slow.  I have gotten a fair amount done.  Have to figure out flowers and decorations, not planning on doing a lot of flowers aside from my bouquet and one other.  We need to get his outfit and accessories for me.  The only other big things are invitations and planning out the ceremony...unless there is something major that I am forgetting!  We aren't having a big bridal party so I think that helps a lot, just our two siblings.  We got our wedding bands last weekend and that made me really want September to hurry up and get here!
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    It needs to be August, pronto.

    Except for buying the teacups for the centerpieces, I am done.
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