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QOTD and an Update

I know I have be MIA the past few days. I have been really sick and in and out of the hospital and doctor offices. All should be good now.

Does your FI become a giant baby when he is sick? Who is worst you or him?

Re: QOTD and an Update

  • I hope you are feeling better! Nothing serious I hope.

    FI is hands down a bigger baby then me. The only time I am the "baby" is when I get my migraines and have to hibernate but even the littlest cold/stuffy head gets him into a whiny mess. Oh lord but I love him

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    Aw, I'm so sorry!  I'm glad you're back, though!

    My fiance is a total baby when sick.  For the first few days, it's cute.  After that, I just want him to get up and do something...anything!  Thankfully, he doesn't get sick very often. :)
  • WELCOME BACK!!!!!!

    I'm the bigger baby.  BUT - neither FI or I have been 'sick' for a while now.  We both made it through the winter without any serious ailments.  I do like when he delivers chicken soup to me when I'm sick though Smile
  • Hopefully you get better quickly and that nothing is seriously wrong!

    I would have to say my fiance is the bigger baby but I give him leniancy because he was always sick growing up with different health problems he has.  He's actually less of a baby when it's something more serious then when it's a simple cold, go figure!
  • Hope it's nothing too bad!! Glad that you're back!!

    I have to say I'm the bigger baby. I just want to curl up in bed and sleep and the last time he was really sick. He had a fever of 103 and spent 4 hours working on a house for habitat for humanity and then came home and said he didn't feel so good.

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  • I'm glad to see you back and hear that everything should be okay. Hope it wasn't anything too major.

    I think that fiance and I are pretty equal when it comes to being sick. I get sick more often than he does though. We don't live together, so when either one of us is sick we always whine to each other that we wish the other was there to take of us. It's not excessive whining, but enough to get the point across. lol
  • Not too serious, since i caught it early.

    I want to say FI is a bigger baby but I think it's because he hardly ever gets sicks and when he start to whine it's because he is really bad. I've been sick almost my whole life so it sad to say I am used to it.

  • Just asked FI the same question and he said "maybe me". Aw, at least he's aware. Wink
  • I hope you're feeling better!

    FI is the biggest baby when he is not feeling well. I can't stand it!
  • I'm glad you are feeling better!

    FI is the way bigger whine baby!!  When he's got the sniffles all I hear is "I'm sick and no one cares".  Or he'll talk to our furbaby and say "Bailey, mommy doesn't care that I'm sick".  Oh please!!!  When I'm sick and laying in bed, I'll be lucky if he comes and checks on me!!!  Fortunately neither of us gets sick too often, but he's a baby even with sniffles.
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  • Glad to hear your feeling better :) FI is definitely the bigger baby, however he is rarely sick so its manageable! 
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  • Dodgersbride, I'm glad you're back and I hope you continue to be okay!  Hospitals are no fun.

    Me, no question.  I never got sick as a kid, but now that I'm older I do a bit more frequently and I can't STAND anything worse than a small cold!  I don't really care if I eat or drink but I curl up and sleep and cry.  FI usually makes sure I'm taken care of, though :)

    I will say though, I may be the bigger baby when I get sick, but he's no pillar of strength himself.  He powers through small things, but when he's really sick he's almost as whiny as I am.
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  • hope you feel better now. Fi acts like a total baby and is much worse than me lol.
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  • He's definitely gotten sicker than I have, so I can't say whether he's a bigger baby than me :-P

    We take care of each other when the other's sick, and I usually get him little presents.
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  • Glad you're ok :)  We missed you.

    FI is definitely the bigger baby when sick.  Which is shocking because he is so "manly" about everything else in life.  I'm in the medical field so I know when to be freaked out or when to just suck it up.  When he gets sick he keeps repeating "Babe...I don't feel good."  Or "This hurts really bad."  But when I tell him how to medically fix it, he doesn't want to hear it. haha.
  • Glad you're back and ok!

    My FI is definitley a bigger baby than me. He will even admit it when he's sick. He won't go to the dr so it drags on forever and ever! It is cute for a few days then it becomes annoying!
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  • Hands down he is the bigger baby.  That being said it might be because I am too stubborn.  I hate being sick and don't like to have to just stay in and rest.  Thankfully I very very rarely have even had a small cold.

    Feel better!
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  • Welcome back, glad you are ok!!

    FI is defiantly a giant baby when sick, he's VERY dramatic. Although I've only seen him sick twice in the past 5 years so that's probably why. But he acted like a child both times!

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  • Hope your better!

    FI is such a baby! But according to my Nana all men are  babies when they are sick! I even have his sick face down pat, its hysterical, lips puffed out and these sad puppy dog eyes... It's kind of cute for a day or two!
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  • So glad you're feeling better!!

    I'm without question the bigger baby.  Neither of us get sick often, but when I do, I'm miserable.  I'm the kind of sick person who cries when they throw up, is CONSTANTLY sleeping, grumpy, and complains about whatever is going on... haha I'm certain I'm a pain in the butt.  FI on the other hand just trucks through it.
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  • I hope you get better Dodgers! 

    My FI is a baby when he's sick.  He just stays in bed all day and complains about how everything hurts so I usually end up making him some soup and helping with what I can.  He is definitely worse than me.  I don't really get sick but he does.
  • Glad to hear that you're okay! I hope you feel better!

    FI never seems to get sick, so I'm kind of automatically the bigger baby on this one. I envy his immune system... but then again, he doesn't work with kids like I do.
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  • dodgers- glad you're back, hope your health continues to improve.
    i am totally the bigger baby.  no question- i get whiny and snivelly and oh so sad.  FI almost never gets sick and when he does, he tries to pretend he's not.  he's a good nurse though :)
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