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Anything you forgot on your registery?

I'm trying to register for our wedding (today we hit the 100 day mark!!) and I'm having so much trouble figuring out what I need.

We're inviting 220 people to the wedding, but I can only think of 22 things to register for most of which are under $25, I think there's one for $35, one for $50 and a new vaccum that is like $150 (which I might remove because it seems excessive given that we only have 22 things). We just bought our house and bought most of the things we needed for it ahead of time. I thought of registering for new bedding, but we're planning to upgrade our bed from a full to either a queen or king so that would be a waste.

Is there anything you forgot to register for?? Is it ok to have a really small registery?? I've looked at the checklists on this site and others but I still can't seem to generate any ideas.

Re: Anything you forgot on your registery?

  • You should try to have enough options so that if someone throws you a shower guests will have some things to choose from. FI and I just moved into a new house (the second for both of us)  so we pretty much have everything we need, but I'm going to upgrade some things like getting rid of our old towels and registering for some nice egyptian cotton ones.

    I also used a universal registry - has one and is another one.  It lets you shop all over the internet and add things to your registry from pretty much any store.  So we registered for some new power tools and fixtures for the bathroom, a camera, a cooler, etc. which are not necessarily your normal registry items.  Our families and friends know our situation and not one of them will be surprised to see a nail gun on our registry.


  • New dishes? Serving bowls and platters? Nice napkins or tablecloths? Glasses for different beverages?

    We really like to entertain, so our registry mostly consisted of nice dishes and serving pieces. It's okay to have a small registry if you really don't want a lot of stuff. I'd rather just give cash than get you something you don't really want. You can still have a shower, but it might be easier to do a recipe shower or advice shower if you have a small registry.
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    I wish i had rgistered for a vacuum.
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  • We really like to entertain, so we registered for some nice servings pieces, appetizer plates, BBQ tools, bar tools, etc.  

    We also upgraded to a new matching bathroom set (shower curtain, towels, tissue holder, soap dish, etc) and a new bedding set complete with matching throw pillows.  We upgraded from a full bed to queen bed right before our wedding and just registered for the queen bedding since we knew we'd be making the switch.

    It might help if you go to a store and walk through to see if there's anything you want but forgot to add to your current registry.

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    board games and outdoor games. Things for the patio. Cloth napkins.
    Wilton armlet ale serving ware - love it!
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  • Thanks for the input everyone! Most of the stuff on our registry is serveware, we are severly lacking in this area which is good. There are a few other odds and ends, but I'll definitely see if theres anything in the house we feel we need to upgrade.

    It's amazing how much stuff we've accumlated in the 8 months we've been in this house. :O

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    Picture frames? Small home decor items (lamps, end tables, trays, etc.)?
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  • if you plan on upgrading to a bigger bed, I would look for a bedding set/sheets you like and still register for them. Even if you do not use them right away it is something you will use eventually (and now is the perfect time to upgrade!) Think about a guest bedroom set too;  vacuum is totally OK and like PPs suggested think outside the box. We knew we were moving after the wedding so planned on upgrading appliances + we added china since we already had a new everyday dish set but also added things like golf equipment, camping gear, blankets, new towels, home decor, etc.  It is OK to have a small registry but if you don't add more items I would probably decline a shower.  When people see a small registry they typically resort to giving cash or check if they don't find something of the registry...and if your registry is small there will not be enough gifts for a shower and a wedding gift (IMO).


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    Also think about stuff that would be cool or fun to have, but isn't necessarily something you'd buy for yourself.  Ice cream maker?  Good bar blender?  Small appliances like a mini food processor (or full sized), Griddler, or Keurig?  Extra glassware for entertaining?  Some fancy stuff like crystal goblets, candlesticks, or a vase?  What about holiday themed stuff?  Towels and sheets wear out, so even if you don't need them today, they will wait for you to need them later. Go ahead and register for bedding for your new bed, you will need it at some point. And there's never such a thing as too many extra towels, especially if you have houseguests. Leave the vacuum on, and is there anything similar to that that you might use, like a floor vacuum, or a handheld one, or a stain remover?  How about a grill for your patio, and accessories? Patio furniture, lawn and gardening stuff, power tools? A nice looking mat for your front door? A framed print?  Go wander around stores, or poke around on Amazon. I think you'll be amazed at the stuff you find you'd really like to have.
  • It is perfectly fine to have to have a small registry.  If you are not having a shower there is no need to worry about adding to it if you can't think of anything else.  If you have a small registry people will be more likely to give you cash.

    We moved into a new house shortly before getting married and found some great space saver/organization items at BBB to put on the registry.  A towel tower, over the door pantry rack, over the door hooks that we put in the guest bathroom, drawer dividers, split top storage bench with shoe rack inserts, etc.

    We knew we wanted a king size bed but I'm glad we waited until we bought it to buy sheets.  We ended up getting a split king that needed twin extra long sheets---not what I was thinking when we originally decided to look for a king size bed!  If you are positive on the bed you want it is no problem buying sheets now, but if you might change your mind or are unsure, there can still be some question about what kind of sheets you will actually end up needing.

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