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Escort/Place Cards

Hello ladies!

2 questions:

1) I don't want to do assign seating down to the exact seat. I was going for not even assigning tables...but I'm rethinking that. Have you had a bad experience with either no assigned seating or just assigned tables?

2) My mom is pretty set on thinking we need a large sign on the place card/escort (I know there is a difference but I always get them confused) table so that guests know what the color coding means for the entree selections (which the staff will use to serve). I think that would look tacky. (She says it is so people can switch cards if they want something different.) Have you ever seen this sign? I haven't, most of the time I don't remember what I ordered in the first place...

Any advice with seating and color coding, etc. would be appreciated! (also recommendations for paper or ordering place cards)

Re: Escort/Place Cards

  • I think assigned tables are a necessity unless you have enough room to accommodate numerous tables with empty seats. By assigning people tables, you'll be sure to make the most use of your space. I think assigned seats at the tables is unnecessary unless there are dynamics within your tables that need to be thought about (Joe should never be sitting next to Bob since they fight, etc).

    I would not make mention of the color coding for entree selection at all. People already made their selection and if they decide to switch, they can do so once the plates are brought out. I've never seen a sign like this and I would think it's a little strange if I did see it.

  • Please do assigned tables.  It sucks when they aren't assigned and you don't know many people there. People inevitably end up trying to jam 12 people at a table meant for 8 and your friends will get stuck with your parents obnoxious friend who you had to invite out of obligation.  Don't do it.
     Doing table assignments literally took me an hour on the bus going home one day.  Not a big deal at all (we had 200 guests). 

     I don't think you need to anything with regards to color charts.  People indicated what they wanted already, no need to change it up.  
  • I agree with Wityschaffy. As a guest, I've greatly preferred it when I'm at a table with people I know, or if we didn't know anybody at the wedding, someone we might have something in common with. At our wedding, if I couldn't fit everybody who knew each other at the same table, I put them in the same general area so that they could easily socialize.

    I also agree that you don't need to do anything with color charts. In fact, since you usually have to provide the caterer with the counts for how many people ordered each meal in advance, typically they don't have many extras if people want to switch. So unless you know for certain your caterer will have enough meals on hand to accommodate everybody who might change their mind, I'd not readily give them that option :-).
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