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Ceremony Seating Set-Up: Outdoors

Hello fellow brides!

I've seen this seating set-up online and am wondering if anyone has tried it before (Or any chair set-up where it forms a circle?)

If so 
  • Did you get any feedback from your guests on how they liked it?
  • Did you do a full circle, semi-circle?
  • How many guests did you have? (Trying to get an idea of whether or not my guest size would be enough to make it look full)


Re: Ceremony Seating Set-Up: Outdoors

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    I haven't been to a wedding that had that type of seating before, but I can't imagine the view being very good for some of the guests.  For example, in the first picture, if you were seated nearer to the water, you would be looking at the bride's butt and be unable to see the groom and vice versa.
  • I've been interested in the semi-circle, and our venue is well set up for it. As for bad views, I figure that no matter what the set up, some people will have a more difficult time seeing. There are always people in front of you. Everyone is off center and can see one half of the ceremony better than the other. Before the wedding, I hope to go out with a few family members and try out different angles. I may go with more of a 1/3 circle than 1/2 circle, to help with the views.
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    I think the half circle is nice but don't have the rows go any further then where you would stand because depending on the size of your wedding party, you will need space for them to stand off to the side.
  • I agree - I think no matter what you have people that can't see something. I like the 1/2 circle best ... and @Erikan I think you're right about the bridal party. Our ceremony will but up to a garden so I think we are going to try the 1/2 circle in the first photo but with hay bails as in the second photo

    Thanks ladies!
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