Boxes or bags?

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We have a local company that makes the best chocolates. I want to use some of those for our favors but am having trouble deciding on what to put them in? 

Our wedding is in August and is in an air conditioned room. Do you think I should use little favor boxes or do you think organza bags would be good enough? Boxes in the colors I want plus the tulle that they will "sit" on are going to run me about $40-$50. Bags would be considerably cheaper but I dont know how bags would hold up to chocolate? 

Re: Boxes or bags?

  • I think the boxes may be your best bet.  Depending on the quality/colors I know oriental trading sells em cheap, then just get a big 'ol spool or ribbon and tie a bow on 'em.  It will look nice without breaking the bank (they have multiple sizes too).

    To me baggies made of organza and chocolates sound like a receipe for disaster in August! 

    PS. I'm getting married in August too and this is why I am doing a sweets bar with take home boxes...

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    @cowgirl8238 I've checked Oriental Trading and their color is to dark for our theme but that was my first stop!

    I just found out that eFavormart is having a sale and they have the Tiffany Blue boxes that I'd need. It would bring them down to about $25 but I still hate spending so much on something people will throw away the next day. :-/

  • I understand what you mean.  I just think the the boxes with ribbon will look much nicer the start of the reception, and will probably hold up better throughout the day.  Chocolate melts way too easy, I would be that person (and I have) that would throw the baggie on the seat of my car at the end of the night and then not think about it until its all melty...that is if the chocolate made it home!!!!

    Fun story:  I went to a wedding in February of 2010 where they gave out those little unsealable wax baggies of candy.  The FI and I grabbed one and put a few treats in it and then we took it back to the hotel.  THen next morning I didn't ave anything good to seal itwith so I just threw it in my suitcase and hoped for the best.  Everytime I use my suitcase, I can still find random pastel M&M's and sprinkles...so yeah, I think a nice box that would stay shut is your best bet and at $25 that doesn't sound too bad.

  • Spring for the box. The chocolates could get squished in a bag. Or if they started to melt, they would ooze through an organza bag.
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