Wedding near Bowen Island - stressed.

My Family is mostly situated in Toronto and my fiance's family is from Vancouver. In the end we decided to have a semi-destination wedding in Vancouver and hope that my friends and family will be able to make it from Toronto. We have a pretty small budget that is about 8000-10000, preferably on the lower end. 30-40 guests. We're planning this for end of July 2014.

We've been weighing many different options regarding ceremony and reception but I need a little more insight.

My first choice was to rent a yacht and have the ceremony on the ship and have a ton hors d'oeuvres on board OR have a lunch. This would be on the higher end of my budget, it's about 6000 for food/drink and 4 hours on the yacht. I think I can fit the rest of the expenses in to the last 2000 of the budget.

Second would be to get married at a small chapel on Bowen Island and have a lunch at a near by restaurant. This would probably be about 3000-4000, which is very affordable but the "wow factor" would be low.

I was also looking in to different places like Grouse, VanDusen, Furry Creek and a couple restaurants but still keep going back to my high or low priced options.

Any opinions out there? :)

Re: Wedding near Bowen Island - stressed.

  • I had a similar situation with my wedding (his family all came from Toronto, 8k budget).  Does the yacht have a minimum rental of 4 hours or could you just do 2 and have you ceremony and some champagne on the boat prior to docking and having lunch at the restaurant?  That way you get the best of both worlds.  I too was worried about wow-factor but our region kind of speaks for itself as it is.  I really didnt have to try hard as our guests were wowed from the second they stepped from the plane.
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