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Bridesmaid Luncheon?!

DaniG13DaniG13 member
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edited July 2013 in Texas-Houston
Hi, I just had someone ask me what my plans were for the Bridesmaid Luncheon. I'm not familiar with this tradition at all and have never been to one before. Is anyone planning on doing this? If so, who do you invite and what does the luncheon entail? Total rookie here :)

Thanks for your help.

Re: Bridesmaid Luncheon?!

  • Planning on it, but its not necessary. Usually its hosted by your mom and her friends (although, DONT ASK! People on the knot get all pulled apart about this)... Usually is the day before the wedding or can even be the weekend before. You invite your wedding party and any VIP ladies (aunts, mom's bffl, etc.) 

    NOT mandatory and NOT just something to die about, so if you feel it will stress you out beyond words to be hosting and gabbing around the day before you get married--then dont do it! 
  • Thanks! I asked my mom if she knew about it but she seemed as clueless as me...should I plan on hosting it if she doesn't offer?
  • If no one offers, and you WANT a bridesmaid's luncheon, then yes you should host.  But if you don't really care to have one, feel free to skip it.  It's not necessary.

    Or if you're tight on funds, you can plans something cheap.  Invite the girls over to your house for pasta or sandwiches or something.

  • Thanks ladies!!
  • I say do what you feel is fitting for you...if you would like to do for your BM's then go for it.  If not, then it's not mandatory.
  • I am having one. Its my grandmothers, some of my moms best friends from out of the country that are coming for the wedding, and my bridesmaids.I plan on giving them all their gifts there as well. It is just a nice thank  you for my bridal party. 

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